Ravana: The Demon Lord

Hi All,
In India there’s a famous poem named,"Ramayana "(Story of Rama). The story revolves around Ravana’s abduction of Sita(Rama’s wife) followed by a war.
Rama is regarded as god incarnation and was born only to kill and Ravana. Ravana was never defeated. He ruled Hell,heaven and earth.
He kidnapped all the planets during the birth of his son(Indrajit) to place them in the 11th house of Inrajit’s Natal chart.
Even, Yama(God of Death) was not able to defeat him.
One stare of his eyes calmed the violent see.
Such was his valour.
He is regarded as the greatest devotee of Lord Shiva(God of destruction).
He was an adept musician and created Shiva tandav stotra.
He had recorded his magical practices in Ravana Samhita.

I love his character. I would like to evoke lord Ravana.
Can someone provide some guidance. I mean there’s no sigil or mantra documented for him.

As,we all know history is written by the winner.
There’s no one to tell the tale of vanquished.
I want to be possessed by him and narrate his version.
He has been painted as demon over the ages.
How do I approach this ?



@C.Kendall You have similar experiences with this, right?

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No I do not have similar experiences. But I will try and I am already psychologically immersed.
I will keep on trying. I will learn something or other from this practice. That’s the motive.

I am sorry, it was for someone else.
My bad!

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First off getting yourself developed so you can see hear and experience the gods, spirits, and demons is most important.
I provide this meditation for this purpose here

I love working with the Hindu pantheon also. I find that Hinduism works wonderfully in the LHP. The systems merge perfectly really.
Without a sigil or enn, or mantra, the next best thing is a statue or painting of the god, often simply calling the name of the god is enough. The thing about spirits is if you call then they will come. The main thing is that you develop the proper skills to communicate with the spirits. Cheers and good luck!


Thanks a lot!

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No problem brother. :wink:

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I have been practicing the meditation.
The first phase is where I doze off often. I will be in delta/theta probably.

The 2nd phase:
I have one confusion. After dissolution of your body into darkness, how do we concentrate above the both ears?
Do we do it consciously or it will happen in itself?

If you could point me out to links where,I can know more about the 11 dimensions.

The void meditation, I am still in alpha or beta.

I need your advise on the void meditation.

its been quite the rage over the years to feel pity for the villain in any story…A few corrections.

  1. He was defeated multiple times ( Vali and Agastya for example)

  2. He is not a demon but Asura of which there are many lineages

  3. Kidnapping of planets is allegorical ( if you are well versed in jyotish astrology you
    would be able to interpret what the texts mean)

  4. You could say Death did beat him in the end since he did die?

You are right in that he is considered one of Shiva’s greatest devotees, most of the Asuras were the greatest of devotees. There lies the issue, even the greatest of devotion cannot fix your personality flaws.You have to do it yourself. For all his strengths, he did try and steal someone else’s wife and he did steal his own half brother’s kingdom.

Indian politics for ages, especially the secular and atheist (dravidian) groups has for ages been badmouthing Ram and putting Ravan in a good light for divisive politics based on language and creed.

Sage valmiki who wrote the Ramayana was himself a former bandit who reformed his life so there is no history written by winner issue here. There has already been stuff written by valmiki about Rama shooting Vali from the back etc and his treatment of his wife which are debatable on both sides of the coin, so its not like Ram is portrayed as perfect.

What you are talking about is invocation not evocation. Firstly you should have some sort of magickal training to develop your senses. A brother above gave suggestions. You can also check out the exercises in Franz Bardon’s Initiation Into Hermetics . They are extremely helpful.

If you are in India, get initiation into a proper lineage in Kriya Yoga. It speeds up development of your astral senses by making use of the kundalini shakti.

Control over emotions is very important in the magickal arts, if you want to find a truth from an entity it is better to not go in already coloring it with your own biases and perceptions.

Lastly , there ARE mantras and yantras to call Ravana. I know of some Aghoris who call him to power up amulets. Some have even manifested Parashuram to physical form.

I wish you well in your journey.

As, you have mentioned,you know Aghoris who work on this. Can you please give me contact/location ?
Ravana- Rakshasha not Asura

Thank you for your response.


I have already introduced myself. :slight_smile:

Sorry, that wasn’t meant for you. That message was a reply to @hindumage

Hi again. Real aghoris dont just give out their contact online bro. You have to seek them ( Godarvan hills for example) .

Again, Ravana isnt simply a Rakshasha. He is referred to as an Asura as well in Tantrik circles.

Rakshashas originate from Daityas , a lineage of Asuras. But now we are just splitting hairs.

I wish you well.

I may have answers to that.

Welcome @Ravana. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

I cant find any introduction area


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