Rate this three based on How improbable these are in your opinion?


To be honest haven’t heard those stories from you. Have to be worth it. Will PM you later when you are free. If you don’t mind


Differs by temperament but possible, I had to do this a few years ago for a working, I had to basically avoid images of attractive men and stuff like that but I did successfully reduce the amount of sexual thoughts, it would probably be far easier for some people than others.

If you distinguish “thoughts” from active electrical brain activity, which is to do with having a living brain and not possible to avoid, you lose track of perception and conscious/dreaming thought during certain sleep periods, and internal chatter/external perceptions can be eliminated during meditation with practise, which, again, will be easier for some than others, like any skill.

Highly probable and actually happens in sleep, just not on demand.


My grandad’s been holding his breath for decades. the problem isn’t in the holding - it’s in the restarting.

This is also true with many other extreme practices, the accomplishing of them makes us unable and unfit for anything afterwards: cease thought (both internal chatter and perception from sensory organs) for long enough and you will detach from normal thought processes, when you return to the world you may be unable to think as you once did - this is what LSD burnouts or spiritual burnouts tend to experience.


My highest attainment is around 48 days. Then one thought just comes out of nowhere. And that count’s as failure. I think one have to become completely DRY AS FUCK to attain that. Or to get something else which gives so much juice that juice of sexual thought isn’t attractive even on the subconscious level. But still one or two thoughts will crop up out of nowhere, cuz of habit.

Yea this one. A permanent samadhi state . A certain kind of samadhi, there are many kind. Some days it happens to me, the no-thought thing. But later a certain stream of thought just floods in. I think it will take time to make it into a permanent default state of mind. Having no-perception with is a bit too advanced.

Well, it is said 10 mins of Holding breath gives one samadhi

90 mins holding it makes one get success in anything one attempts , be it conquering the 5 continents. It causes such changes in the body/mind unit

3 hours holding it will give one all the supernatural powers out there/siddhis. ( Can’t help it, siddhis is a big deal in my tradition ).

Happening to be, but i find things fall into it’s own place without me having to try something or try to make something happen. Effect of deep purification and certain internal state. At the end of the day external world is a projection of one’s inner state.


Well the physical issue is acovered thoroughly above, i wonder who says that though? Himalayan Acxademy are very reputable, their stuff WORKS, and I know they would be horrified at this kind of thing being spread around. I would expect the person claiming it to demonstrate this to you. As far as I know brain damage begins to occur at 3 minutes without oxygen supply to the brain, possibly slightly faster in men than in women.

I can’t find a link right now but there is a genetic condition that causes some people to die if they hold their breath, they pass out if they can hold it long enough, and instead of the nervous system kicking in once the stupid conscious mind has been put out of action, their body does not respond.

This is a real thing and not a fringe theory, it’s a medicial genetic condition, I found it when researching the vagus nerve a few years ago (if the spine is the axis mundi of mysticism, the vagus nerve is the wand for magick and occult power).


Got the message. Won’t try stupid stuff without proper guidance. :+1:


@Lady_Eva that was great!

It’s the same with the “100 Mala in one sitting for achieving Shiddi” stuff. Maybe some can sit on the same meditation run for, I don’t know, 30 hours, but I doubt that any common people can do this. And even with them that can, it’ll be very difficult to stand up again… lol

This kind of protocol is about segregating people from the real thing. It’s about people who make money with this and don’t want you to know that you can reach Shiddi with less effort that you can imagine. They put an impossible physical barrier as a way to reach power because they want the power to themselves, not for you. You literally can’t reach this state, even you’re extremely well prepared. Two times only in my life I did a run for a 10 Mala (1.080 times chanting the same mantra), and it took me 5-6 hours straight. It was amazing, but in the end, I felt in pain, my vocal cords hurt, I felt exhausted for two or three days, had a headache, I barely could walk for a day because I was sitting for 6 hours straight and wasting a lot of energy on this and, I don’t know, in the fourth hour I was already sacrificing myself. I literally can’t imagine someone doing this for 30 hours, even knowing people that practices Vedanta for more than 40 years (and counting).

You don’t need to chant the same mantra for 10.800 times in one sitting for achieving Shiddi. Also, you don’t need to hold breath to achieve even Savikalpa. If you’re talking about Buddhism, if you hold your breath you won’t reach even the Khanika. You need focus, concentration to achieve Samadhi, how you can achieve it by holding your breath? That’s intrigues me…

But there is one Samadhi that people can reach with this “technique”: Mahasamadhi.

Well, with Mahasamadhi reached you don’t need to meditate nevermore…


Absolute Facts…


I second that


Yee @Oddnan @SuaSponte backin me up


Lmao Ik Ik…I’m surrounded by people like you all the time so it all makes sense to me why you would say all that… I too have been at this stage where I as a guy have felt completly lustless waiting for the “perfect girl” to surprise me… luckily in my life I have indeed met her I’ll tell the stories in pm if ur interested lmao…:tipping_hand_man:


@Goku there is this German dude who broke the Guinness world record for holding his breath underwater… He held it for 22 minutes-just putting it out there


No no that’s okay :joy:


@Goku this is actually beginning to interest ME, I will do some research and see what comes :tipping_hand_man:


I absolutely agree, it’s like the foolish idea that to do ANY magick you must pledge eternal slavery to some random spirit, or hack and slash and bind yourself with blood.

What can one do? Those not in the know tend to believe one dramatic act is available that will somehow fix everything, even though they also with the very same eyes read the story of people like E.A. who has been doing magick for 25+ years and does not claim to be able to fly or shoot lasers from his navel.

People prefer a comforting lie every time, and the impossibility of the demands (like, have “devil” manifest in the flesh and sign a contract) gives them a good excuse to fail.


Well, you are jumping the gun there. I have personally seen siddha fly and demonstrate those occult powers. So for me it is as real as talking to demons. And yes , this way of holding breath is a classical Shaiva path, the path of hyper masculinity. Where you have to do everything ULTRA HARD, like a man. I know very well the same can be attained with perfect concentration. But is concentration easy? An average man can’t hold on to a thought without fluctuating after 5 seconds. Hold on to one thought for 9 hours straight and I will give you things you cannot even imagine. ( Literally, after a point one has to activate certain dormant parts of one’s crown chakra and new sense organs get developed )

There are many ways of attaining supernatural powers, I know a siddha who has attained complete ( 98% technically ) union and thus can wield the power of a Cosmic level Goddesses ( When the goddesses appeared to him with the height of 25 feet and physically picked him up and placed him on her chest, he saw countless galaxies inside it- in her long hair - his experience, his word ) just within 3-4 months just by chanting mantra 10 hours a day. And now don’t ask for the mantra as mantra is always kept hidden. I know it sucks but that’s how it is.

Supernatural powers can be attained by just popping in the right pill, THE EASIEST METHODS. Just don’t know the recipe of making it.!!!

What I described of 3 hours is THE MOST FUCKING ADVANCED STATE in that path, where you get ALL the siddhis and even Hanuman an demigod ( God with flesh and blood like buddha and jesus ) has only 16.

Now to clarify the description of those powers specially the famous 8 are just titles, each of those contain many powers within themselves. For example, * Mahimā : expanding one’s body to an infinitely large size ---- Within this one comes the power of expanding one’s body + one’s consciousness which is nothing but mental and astral body together and thus literally feel what it’s like to be a galaxy - the universe etc. With mastering it further one can gain all the knowledge present within that field. Can forcefully possess all the entities with a radius. There are many just in one and Like this it goes on.

No disrespect to E.A but After 25 years he is I think yet to achieve the level of Priest, and at his peak point he is prophesied to become a wizard.

I am aiming for something way bigger than that and know for certain that attaining even the state of a senior Siddha isn’t a big deal in this very life. I am not a mediocre and if I can attain what I have within 3-4 years I can attain my goal also.

And to @Lady_Eva , yes I do believe the simplicity of magick, but at the same time know for sure that the spiritual/occult practices available / done by us isn’t the same which are done by THE Gods.


Goku have you looked into vigyan bhairav ?


Goku, sorry, I’m not here to claim that you’re lying, but it looks like a lot of false claims and I’ll tell you why:

I know two Shidda (this guy that I told you and his brother) who are on Vedanta for 40 years. In 40 years of practice I’ve seen them do a lot of things. Only one of them can do a Mala for 100 times in one sitting, the other do, maybe, 70 (because he has 60 years). And they are on Vedanta for 40 years.

Both teached me that to reach shiddi I only need to achieve the correct vibration with the mantra. Some will need 100 mala, some 10, but I can divide this on many days I want (doing at least one Mala/day). And I can say that I achieve Shiddi sometimes, speacialy on one specific healling mantra and one specific Vashikaran. Both of them are completely natural to me and when I chant them once I feel their powers running and the change occurring. That’s shiddi, not flying.

But that isn’t all. I’ve been on India twice now and I seen some incredible stuff. I seen Sadhu Amar with my own eyes in one of that travels. If you don’t know he is a devote of Shiva that holds his arm up for 40+ years. I believe you know him but google it. He tells that in the beginning he was completely uncomfortable and time from time he needed to literally tie his arm. It tooks 2 or 3 years (I can’t remember) for the pain disappear. His arms calcified in that state so he can’t put down his right arm.

I knew another Shidda that sung Gayatri Mantra daily for 2 hours while practice some Bhakti for 30 years. He could hold his breath for a reeeeeeal long time, but I believe that was nothing more than 12-15 minutes… And he practiced Bhakti for 30 years daily!

So sorry, I can create an entire religion, make a lot of painful steps and claim that if you reach the final step you’ll achieve the Kamehameha. Ir the Genki Dama. For that, you’ll need to hold your arms up for 10 hours a day, for 10 years, while chant this mantra: “all the living beings of the earth, please give me your energy so I can destroy the evil”. It seems impossible, right? Yes, it is.

So, if someone claims something he becomes obligated to prove it. False claims aren’t good on any path. I’m not saying that you’re a scammer but sorry, if someone told you that he can reach 3 hours without breathing and didn’t show you, it’s a false claim.

Sorry but if you aim for something bigger then know the truth and aim for it. Again, if someone claims something and can’t prove it for you too see with your own eyes, then it’s a false claim. Aim for something that you know that works and become the best in it. You’ll expand the possibilites of it.

Now, if you want to seek a path of the Kamehameha… :rofl:


Seems like the shop is open for goodies :wink:

Where did you get that information if I may ask?


Dude, any sadhu isn’t a siddha. And I can sit for 7 hours straight chanting 100 malas. I think you are physically weak, for sure. Fix that first. And for attaining siddhi of healing and vashikaran, can teach you how to do it within a day, but will take 8 hours of straight chanting. Then even most extreme-incurable disease can be healed.

Don’t know why will a vedantin will practice chanting?

SO you are supposed to know all the secrets of Indian spiritual tradition. Are you FUCKING RETARDED?

Know the difference between fake sadhus and genuine ones. And know the difference good sadhus and the immortals.

ANd yea, talking with demons, fucking and sucking their dick, having their child is ok but a bit advanced spirituality is mumob jumbo ! Got it.

Just admit that not all kind of practices is for weaklings.

I am not saying I am going to tread that path but just know this, Not all the spiritual practices in existence in available on some occult book store or on the Internet.


Easy there chaps, regardless of strength of feelings, outright rudeness is not acceptable.