Rate this three based on How improbable these are in your opinion?

1- Having Completely no sexual thoughts, sensations, urges, feelings ( overcoming it ). How improbable this is to you? Rate this Out of 10?

2- Overcoming and thus Having Completely no thoughts, flow of thoughts at all. How improbable is this in your opinion. Again rate it out of 10

3- Being able to Hold one’s breath for 3 hours straight. Rate it out of 10 based on improbability.

And please be genuine in your reply. Thanks.

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  1. 2
  2. 1
  3. 0
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Overcoming not being able to have sexual urges or overcoming the sexual urges themselves…?

  1. 1 it’s not improbable to not have sexual urges.
  2. 3 I think itd be a little hard for some to go from being sexual to asexual, but not impossible.
  3. 10 not possible.

Ok. I totally got the scale wrong.


:woman_shrugging: none of these are possible for me! My head is infested with sexual thoughts! The flow of thoughts never stopped for me! And I don’t need to hold my breath for 3 hours! If any of these occurs the only explanation is death!

  1. 0 with time after you first get accustomed to detachment from–not fighting with or suppressing–sexual thought and desire. Eventually this could lead to literally no desires by virtue of focussing on other things. Remember sexuality is a specific aspect of human (animal) consciousness and it is not a given–at least not the way we typically think of it.

  2. 6 for a human consciousness. No thought requires complete dissolution of finite consciousness in the Infinite. I have glimpsed it but I don’t know easily you can sustain it from a human point of view. I’d say being present in the moment helps because this state of no thought, i.e. pure awareness, is always present but along with thoughts. Being aware of being aware is the first step I suppose.

  3. 0 - Some spiritualists are said to even enter suspended animation for days, i.e. appearing dead and then reviving themselves. Holding one’s breath for prolonged duration can be acquired through the right state of consciousness directly from spirit or through gradual practice–may take years or lifetimes.

  1. 3, it’s likely really hard to overcome Not that I would want to either.

  2. 2 -Even harder to overcome, sure thing for a short period is fine but all the time to me is nearly impossible. Also note you think about things all the time, certain thoughts just aren’t conscious, but still make reactions on your body. What the question is to stop thought completely.

  3. 273.5 C - meaning absolute 0, ain’t going to happen, if you hold your breath for about two minutes you are going start a process in your body that leads to something called: acidosis - which you’ll die off due to a lot pH-value ( when you reach 6.0 is when you die).


The second one.

The second point was about having No-Thoughts at all. How probable is this in your opinion?

Nice reply. But Suspension of breath is not same as holding it in . That’s a different thing altogether. What you stated is an unconscious state, not what I am describing.

  1. I’d say around 1, purely because it’s so intrinsic to our state of being. “Overcome” is an odd term for it, since it implies sexual thoughts are negative. Imo it would be more logical to seek to integrate the sexual thoughts comfortably into your thought patterns, assuming they’re this odd intrusion for you.
  2. I’d give it 3-4, within a meditation setting. With enough mental discipline you can certainly learn to clear your mind completely. It would be impossible outside of meditation.
    1. You would die.
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You’re right.

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@Biffa_Bacon, @Teras390 @rin.

What if someone is able to attain the first two . And the state of mind with no-thoughts, no-reaction to external agitating stimulus, like a bad day or someone close dying or even insults etc. If someone can attain the first 2 within few years then how probable is the third one? And of-course, It is not going to be 3 hours of holding breath on the first day. It will be Everyday practice with 5 second’s increase each-day till the capacity builds.

It would still be impossible because we are limited by the fact we need oxygen to survive. It would be a physical impossibility to survive for three hours on a single breath of air, irrespective of how long you try and work up to it.
To put it in perspective, the record for a human holding their breath is 19 minutes. Some whales and dolphins can hold their breath for around 20 and sperm whales can go for around 90 mins.


The answer below is a bit complicated yet I’ve tried to be through yet not make it too hard to follow. But here’s the anatomy and physiology behind the mechanisms of breathing as I’ve been taught as a nurse student.

The result would be the same irregardless of you being able to attain the first two. I’ll explain, even if you can do a complete thought stopping, not having any thought or experience any external stimuli, your body still has an internal stimulus controlled by the central, and autonomous and somatic nervous systems. All these different nervous systems are linked to the brain in some way and in turn do a lot of things, but in regards to your third question.

You see, your breathing is controlled by the breathing center. When you inhale an impulse is sent your diaphragm along with the intercostal muscles in your ribcage, the diaphragm contract, and push your abdomen out and that creates a pressure in your lungs that becomes lower than usual, then to compensate air is sucked to the lung sacks, the air contains oxygen (O2) and Carbon dioxide (CO2) along with a few more things, the lung sacks are filled with air, and oxygen is moved from a place in the lungs out to the blood and then goes to everything in there. When you exhale everything relaxes and air just goes out. This time the amount of CO2 is hoher than the amount of Oxygen. Now with this idea in mind

The breathing center has two chemo receptors, the central and peripheral chemo receptor. The central is located in the liquor in the elongated nerve (medulla oblongata), after blood reaches the brain after going through the body and is filtrated through plexus corideus and into the liquor, it then passes through the central chemoreceptor which will check and measure the the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the blood that’s been filtrated.

And at the same time in the peripheral chemo receptors located in arteria carotis, will check the level of oxygen in your blood. When either of these receptors registers when either of these values are too high or too low, your body will compensate by breathing in different ways. Like in the case of acidosis, when it’s too much H+ in your blood and you will reduce your pH - value as a result making your blood sour and proteins in your body can no longer function as normal and eventually they’ll stop and you’ll die, in that case you have to little H+ meaning your body is alkaline - alkalosis, there will be too little of H+ because the alcaloids will bind H+ and the proteins once again can’t function optimally and their function will eventually seize and you’ll die.

You can easily test this if you want to experience the effect that’ll eventually lead to respiratory acidosis hold your breath for as long possible and see what happens. Or rather respiratory acidosis usually happens when you hypoventilate.

If you want to experience the other thing - respiratory alkalosis, you hyperventilate, you should become very light headed and dizzy if you do it for a long time, alkalosis may happen to you.

The limit is a human supposedly can hold their breath before passing out is around 2 minutes beyond that once you pass out, you’ll die unless you are revived. So in a nutshell, the cells in your body needs oxygen to function and to keep you alive, without you die, one way or another.

Sorry about the technical stuff, and to those who’ve studied this, sorry about the over simplification, and I might have missed details, but as far as I can tell this is the general idea.


1- Having Completely no sexual thoughts, sensations, urges, feelings ( overcoming it ). How improbable this is to you? Rate this Out of 10?

For me, 0 - not improbable at all. This is hormone-driven and I have a deficiency there, so I just don’t care about such things. People on T blockers say the same thing.

2- Overcoming and thus Having Completely no thoughts, flow of thoughts at all. How improbable is this in your opinion. Again rate it out of 10

10, I think therefore I am and I have zero interest in not thinking.

3- Being able to Hold one’s breath for 3 hours straight. Rate it out of 10 based on improbability.

10, Breath is for using. If you don’t want to have to breathe get rid of the animal body that needs to breathe.


Wow ! that was a really long elaborate explanation. Thanks for taking out time and writing this. Really appreciate it.

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Not a problem at all. :slight_smile: I am glad you liked and it was of use and not something that’s just wasn’t boring to read. :wink:

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Theres lots of people who have no sexual urges or thoughts. Trust mee


That’s a bit strange. The urge to procreate, urge to sleep/rest, urge to eat and survival instinct/fear are 4 fundamental urges present even in single cell organisms. It’s that basic.

You sure you are not talking about those with some medical problems?!

No I think it’s more psychological.