Rashoon- Demoness of Lust, Sacred Seduction

Any experiences with this beautiful queen?

Taken from demons and demonlatary

Attributes: Rashoon is a powerful and stunning Solar Demoness who is a Demoness of seduction and desire. She is a Demoness of Incredible Beauty and Allure and she teaches the sacred art of seduction. She understands the power of breath and the power of the body and she knows that when we use our body we can move the energies around us and lure those around us to our desire. She understands sacred arts as body movement, dance and the power of the magnetic gaze. She can help empower women and empower them to claim their power and their radiance. She works with the Divine Feminine to allow the feminine to claim it’s power and it’s whiles. She teaches the art of seduction and is one to approach when you are looking to find a partner. She can help awaken the alluring seductress that is within and help the feminine to claim and awaken it’s power. She is a very radiant demoness to walk with .

Demonic Mantra: “Lady Rashoon, Demoness of Lust, Demoness of Seduction, Demoness of Desire. Awaken my radiance, allow me to breathe the energies of seduction. Allow me to claim my power, find my purpose and walk confident and strong knowing that all those who meet me are drawn to me, all those who walk with me are captivated by me, those who cross my path fall under my spell. I am alluring and I am radiant! By the power of Lady Rashoon I claim my seductive embrace”


I have met her a few times. She appears throughout some demonology hierarchies as The Priestess of Seduction. Her energy is very passionate and fiery, yet really playful. To me, her energy felt more centralized on self-love and self-passion than on relationships.


Never saw her anywhere been described as “Queen”. For me, she appeared always with Taroon, her twin. It was the first and the last time I saw 2 entities as twins.


Rashoone is amazing. Highly recommend.

These are from V.K.jehannums blog



Thank you all for contributing

I ask a guy in italian about her he say no we don’t use her often but we know her in uk just a few people try her,since it’s dominate by well know spirts of lust

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But wonder who got hook ups? Using her

Is she a succubus?

No its a demon, such rosier, etc. Not well knw in usa, but knw in europe, same whit phistulis, koshack. Mwrimim etc

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I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure she just is one of the higher demons associated with lust

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Why are they well known in Europe? That’s interesting

You don’t have to look for a hook up in order to call a demon of seduction. Same as you don’t have to have sex with your incubus/succubus.

No, she’s a Demoness. Priestess of Seduction.

Source? Both V.K. and S.Conolly are not Europeans. Yes she and Taroon (Priestess of Desire) aren’t well known as Asmodeus for example, but that goes globally.


Dee the thing is I u can read a grorio.or a book and yes they are there,but in usa we are getting for years waterdown magicka…in Europe for sex try use kobach.metimim. merimim is a hells fire ,guy who fuel flames, koback maybe someone know him same whit precum ,and so on.such the baal queens,we in usa go for
conoly has a sex ebook I tnk.of love were she use rosier,vk is cool ,I’m saying wat I know,and confirm whit friends,namahh,asmodeus,lilith goetia,

I’m pretty sure a lot of our experienced members from USA will disagree with you about getting waterdown magic for years. Consider that in USA, even before the internet was a…common thing like it is today, and although they could find books a lot harder than now, they could still find legitimate books one way or another. There would always be a bookstore somewhere that they could get it.

Us in the EU, before internet, was nearly impossible to get anything. All you were getting if you had a friend who knew a friend, was some books with mixed up traditions, very badly translated in your language that made no sense. It was pretty much what you learned orally from others or from a quick search on an internet cafe.

And again, its not all about sex…
I mentioned V.K. and Conolly because they’re not from the EU and you can find information about less known demons in their work. And not because I find them cool or not. I found many less known demons from Connolly, and I am from the EU…


Mind tell me whi h country u are,? Im in usa most of my knwlge, get it from italia French, uk. And certain russian witches. And yes back in the day, t

Also i have work whit sudragasum azazel, rashoon a demoness of lust. And the baal concubines of baal. Like 6p names to invoqe i knw its weird, well nice learn from you

She brings me a lot of peace. Im going to build an altar

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Any men work with her?

No yet, im on xezbeth. Pass merim amd ukobach. So i lyk in weeks since spells take werks to manifest.

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Does she exist? Is she really Mammons wife?

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