Random scratch marks

hey there… um i just got random (3) scratch marks on my right hand when i didnt even scratch myself. it happened 20 minutes ago while i was texting a friend of mine and i didnt even notice them till 10 minutes later. i do have a male demon/jinn named aaron around, but hes always quiet and he has marked me more than 4 times idk why. been living with me for 8 months till now. i do enjoy him around as he doesnt do weird stuff and i always smell this perfume either from him sometimes or from my other female demon/jinn names calrej. any advices or thoughts?

I guess I don’t understand something. Did you ask either of them if they did it? If you think it was some other entity, they should be able to tell you, if they’re around. Otherwise, just banish and exclude the entities you’d like to keep.

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i cant see them in order to talk to them i can only sense their presence and hear them but cant see them… and the only time i talk to them when they are invisible is at night

Well, you could ask them to come near and try speaking through a pendulum with them, if you want.

Out of curiosity, why have them around, if you can’t interact with them? I could think of some reasons, but wondered what yours is/are.

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Hmn how do you know it was them and why would they hurt you?

Are you sure it happened in that moment?
I find blue marks or scratch marks on my body sometimes as well but I am sure it was no spirit - I am just clumsy sometimes :sweat_smile: - or forgot about scratching/hurting myself (not on purpose! - by walking against the table the 109th time lol)

So, I mean, if you think they are friendly I wonder why they would hurt you. And if they would want to make you aware of there presence and they can do physical stuff, there would be other ways probably…

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I always found it odd to wake up with a small bruise or a cut too but there way to many factors on that. Do you bruise easy,my mother does so that why I ask.Are they trying to mark you to show you are theirs kinda a jealousy thing believe it our not they like people too. Try recording it what time,what the bruised or cut look like,were it located what days it happen etc whatever you deem interesting and see if it’s your friends because you never know it could be a wondering spirit from a tribe who scar thier body up for it show strength to them.

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wym by that? can u elaborate?

they didnt hurt me lol i was just curious why they marked me xD

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I doubt it was spiritual , human beings get skin marks all the time for a variety of reasons

its two medium sized scratch marks, plus i felt a warm presence as well when that happened. i didnt even scratch my skin nor hurt myself, and i do have two demons living with me (male and female)

This is common so many get marks like this. Work on your senses so you can communicate better with the beings you have.

That’s just how some spirits or beings let you know their around. It may not even have dark intent or as some said claiming, but there’s times you can even subconsciously scratch yourself and not realize it.


Could be their way of getting your attention?

Why don’t you ask the jinn?

I know for a fact they do scratch and leave marks - it’s happened to me before on multiple occasions. Long story, but yeah, they do scratch and leave physical marks.

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but he already claimed me… why would he scratch/mark me again randomly? and as for the female demon/jinn, i just met her 2 days ago, and she did say shes into me as well

We don’t have the answers for you. Just ask the jinn. You don’t need to see him in order to communicate. You’ve said already you can hear - that’s good enough.

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Once again work on your senses that’s the best way to get the answers you seek.


well, i got scratched mark again from him, but this time it was ONE LONG STRAIGHT SCRATCH MARK

so i got another mark again today… by the s-same jinn ;-;

also do these marks look like demon scratch marks?