Random drawings / *art* / doodle POST IT IN HERE!


…idk about the legs XD
~but its great work and all :smiley:


Yeah I don’t care abt anatomy pft

Well- more so I don’t see the point of making things look perfect is all. I guess I prefer stylized


Little sketch I call “with sympathy”


I love these. Even the legs!


I agree it gives him a certain fallen cherubim quality, yet still displaying the enities obvious strength.


yeah, we all know that he probably wears stockings in secret,
to look at himself :stuck_out_tongue:


Awe thank you @levilevi and @PaterOctavius888 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


BAHAhahah I don’t know how to reply to that?


pshhhh -its ok :heart:


The randomness that floats on my feed :yum:







Well hello Johnny Depp


For my part, I have some random drawing :

I realized this with a graphic tablet and Chinese ink.



Often times there are certain symbols that reoccur in my doodles : eyes, sakes , wings and wings on any of the above mentioned. Enjoy and let me know what you feel or tap into when you see it. I’m curious :laughing:.


digital painting I did earlier this year
Complete project here:https://www.artstation.com/artwork/nkYk6


Wow, great work. @Bragi