Random drawings / *art* / doodle POST IT IN HERE!


Thanks bro!


or the Carnal Tree of Revelation




Never could figure out who this was, but they refused to show me their face so I drew their backside.

A tattoo idea I was trying out based off a sigil I made for myself. Done in black and blue eye liner.


the hair on the first one looks like leaves. don’t know why I pointed that out but eh who cares.


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Reminds me of mine - Random drawings / *art* / doodle POST IT IN HERE!


Similar yes , but I’ve drawn something much closer to that drawing before. I assume that we tap into the same current…



@Mercury it looks like Enlil or Iskur God of storms and wind.


Thanks for the insight, I’ll look them up today.


water element graffiti: I just need to fix the perspective a bit.


Dont remind me, dudes been moving in my life as of late…


Looks like Marvel’s Blackheart.


Lately I’ve been seeing weird things in my minds eye! It’s like so clear but weird! Not sure what was I seeing here so I named it the pyramid card!


I keep getting triangles too lol


:rofl: did it seem like someone shoving it in your face? I am feeling like if I look more I’ll see something behind the triangle! Like a face!


Yeah lol they keep coming up constantly lol like it some doorway I have to open but not sure how lol


:thinking: maybe it’s a key!


This reminds me of the ace of cups from a Marseille tarot deck