Ramblings of Love for Samael

Yes, another journal, but this one will be based on Azazel and I’s relationship. I won’t be posting everything. There’s some things that only he and I should know.

I thought this’ll be important, because there are some out there that think a relationship with a demon is meaningless and one-sided. This journal will show you the love. He may even add in some things too, because this is our journal.

It’ll contain things like poems, songs, and he and I talking about some of our fun, love experiences with each other.

All aboard the love train CHOO-CHOO, motherfuckers!


Curious and can’t wait to read that!

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A poem for Azazel that I’m working on:

Your smile is as calming as the setting sun
I love how when I’m with you, I can always have so much fun
I love the way you call me ‘hun’
You just know exactly how to fix me when my heart comes undone
You’re definitely my number one
To others I’m crazy as a tommy gun
But to you, I’m your little cinnamon bun
You can always make feel as if I got a home run

I’m not a good poet, but I’m pretty sure he gets the point so far, lol!

His response: You know I appreciate and love your poems. The effort and love put into one is always priceless.


Nice. =)

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Azazel really has a word for anyone who denies his love for me, but I really don’t think it’d be okay to post. He shown me his sigil twice, I did a divination, and I’ll be damn, he said something vulgar.

Azazel right now: Has his arms crossed “You’re no fun. I just wanted to have a nice little word with them.”

Azazel, dear, I really, really can’t post that, lmao! You guys get the point, right? He’s a little upset. :sweat_smile:

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Indulge him, how bad is it really?

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I’d probably be in trouble for repeating what Azazel said. To some it’d be no big deal, but can’t risk it nowadays.

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Alright, I guess you have to think for your own safety.

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I did another yes or no tarot, and it says yes again. Azazel did say that phrase that I cannot repeat. :weary:

Thanks for sharing, it inspires me to share my really positive and meaningful interaction to Azazel :slight_smile:

I draw his sigil in the air with my fingers before I go to sleep
and then talk to him, asking if he can be in my dreams and how me what he is all about.
I ask him in the name of my higher self, works perfectly to stay centered and handle all energies.

I had a dream that was really about me believing in myself, believing that I could do the greatest things, and life could be wonderful…it felt good, positive, constructive - I really so understood even more how he is me, an aspect of my own mind. Prior to that in a more ‘shadowy type of revelation’ he did show me what I was subconsicously affraid , in a safe way that felt ok to handle, though shocking for me, but he helped me to handle it quite well, so I could process it and let it go, help me to believe in myself and who I am versus my fears…amazing God-Mind aspect. It’s one of those many experiences that did help me to put ‘demons’ in another perspective- actually not dark or negative at all but self-empowering, meaningful, useful, beautiful…
also in regard with life as a whole, even unto the source of all. Believing in myself as an individual, even in relation to the source- I realized it was all good, as it helped me to ‘stand’ in the world rather than to ‘hope that no-one would notice me at some points’…; A lifetime of fear and trauma and self-doubt fixed so smoothly…;

It really helped me to shine, on a heart level really… :slight_smile: surely increased my self-love, my self-respect, seeing and appreciating myself…;

If you want to be a superhero(ine), azazel is definately a being to work with… :wink:

Kudos bro (Azazel) - nice to (have) me(e)t! :slight_smile:

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You’re a lovely person, you know that? Thank you for what you communicate through your posts.

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Thread changed. Big mix up. Samael is actually Azazel.