Raising kundalini with Pahaliah

I read in a book that Pahaliah has the power to raise the kundalini, so I gave it a try today during my practice, I knew how to induce semi trance states through the Shem and goetia challenge so I just knew intuitively to let go as usual

It was very subtle, and then it became very physical, i could feel energy going up my spine and at some point it just raised itself within a minute or 2, it felt like mushrooms, my spine felt like a staff, I felt like I was able to see more from my third eye rather than my physical eyes

So yeah, this is my testimony, Pahaliah can definitely raise kundalini with little to no breathwork


May i ask where i can find more about Pahaliah (Sigil, Chant, Invocation method etc…) i didnt see him in the list of the 72 shem angels or the 42 angels of the name neither withing the angels of the 7 heavens or the angels of omnipotence. Neither with the thrones and angels of virtue, so where can i find out abt him and which group of angels does he belong to?

What about Kali? She is said to be Shakti her self.

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I found Pahaliah in the book of the hidden name, she was the 20th angel I believe

You don’t need a sigil either tbh, I’d just trace an invoking pentagram and chant her name


i see, the longer i chant the name = more power in the invocation?

I just tried that and it actually worked, quite well even

But question what element do i start the invocation with, The Element the Entitiy corresponds to or spirit?

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Just try the dragonsflame ritual on YouTube that’s a ritual for Draconic elemental energy


I know that rite i mean for invoking the entity for example enki what Element would i start the pentagram at?

The Highest point from the corresponding Element of enki?

It doesn’t matter honestly, I always use the invoking earth pentagram, so I start from the stop, so in a way I’m invoking them from the divine light when I do that, so it’s pretty universal, and it always works for me

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Could you please tell me step by step how to do this? Im desperately trying to awaken the Kundalini serpent in my spine but nothing is working, please help.

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If nothing is working then don’t do it, it clearly means you’re not ready. If you prematurely awaken kundalini you can become schizophrenic some people become hospitalized. It’s no simple feat

Just meditate, do energy work and Hatha yoga, when she thinks you’re ready she will awaken

I believe its very close. I had my chakras cleared yesterday by a healer and when i medidate i feel slight sensations near my spine, i just cant get it to rise up. Please, tell me how to do it with Pahaliah, I’m ready.

Clearing your chakras at a healer is pointless, because it’s your own lifestyle, personality etc. that creates blockages, so you have to transform from within…

See you’re looking for outside solutions to your problem, that’s a big no no with kundalini. That will make you go insane because you’re still in a Polarized consciousness.

I’m assuming you’re speaking as a person that’s never raised kundalini.

I’m no expert but I’ve seen enough to comment on this, as well as my own experience.

My mother had a spontaneous premature kundalini awakening, she had heart palpitation, she’s been something like schizophrenic for almost a decade, and she hears voices constantly, she’s been soulless ever since, like you can’t feel the person they feel like shell, the get fried, that’s why it’s advised to clear the nadis.

I can speak on my own experience, I hadn’t done much clearing for my nadis and it messed me up, in fact I did nothing to prepare for it all, it was raised while I was on mushrooms and I saw some nasty shit, like archaic stuff, I eventually unified which means you face the every “demonic” energy and integrate it back into cosmic soul, but you can easily go insane, my brain was convinced that I was evil and i developed a split personality I’ve been healing for years, I’d get demonic thoughtforms as if I couldn’t control my mind, I looked in the mirror and I was the devil, that’s how bad it can get and honestly some people have it worse, you can seriously injure yourself.

This is no ordinary energy, the energy can break your body, you shouldn’t be too focused on raising kundalini, it has a will of it’s own, she will know when you are ready for her, so the best you can do is simply cleanse your channels and do energy work etc. prepare your body for it, I know people that were psyche wards for 3 years because of kundalini, most of the hype on kundalini is usually from people that have never experienced it, and want spiritual clout, this is not about kundalini, it’s about raising your consciousness, doing that without kundalini will still raise kundalini and you’ll get to a point where you can raise it through simple will.


Yes, i am aware of how it works, ive been researching Kundalini all year and with this being a new year I really want to make some changes so if you could share how you awakened yours with Pahaliah I’d greatly appreciate it but if not then thanks anyway.
I wouldn’t be asking if i wasnt ready. I got my chakras aligned for a reason.

There a lot of people that think they are ready for that power, how can you know you’re ready if you’ve never experienced it, the positives or the negatives, you can call it intuition sure, but if you know the truth regarding kundalini you’d understand it unfolds naturally, you can do all the exercises in the world it will come online when it wants too, im gonna speak transparently here as an individual that’s raised kundalini many times, I do not think you are actually ready for it because you’re still trying to achieve something, raising kundalini with that state of mind will drive you insane, it will make you impulsive, just chakras isn’t enough, your body carries imprints. You chakras carry memories

Like I don’t think you understand the gravity of what I’m saying, people can die because of kundalini, it can break their bones and fry their nervous system.

You will have 10000 thoughts at the same time, it takes a different level of mastery to be able to sustain that state in a healthy way, the best thing you can do to raise kundalini is connect to your higher self and allow your higher self to move things around in your system and your mind so that your being can facilitate the awakening, because she will consume what you think you are if she needs to and that can drive you insane. I won’t share how I do it, because I think you’re being hasty, just surrender to her that’s all I can say


Tbh ive been doing kriya yoga and kundalini yoga now for a bit and i am thinking about addint pahaliah to all that to fully raise it

How did you manage to raise yours, if you dont mind me asking?

Oh and thank you for being so judgemental/thinking you know if im ready or not despite not knowing me at all. Smh

Hehehe that’s what kundalini does, kundalini is a force that penetrates everything, even time and space, if you took the kundalini course on BALG, you’d understand when you’re in that state you can see right through people…

It’s called constructive criticism, and if you can’t take that, that means you’re no where near ready for it mentally.

So yeah I can most definitely see right through you, that’s how people travel the realms and read people, they go beyond time and space, honestly I don’t think you’ve done the mental work at all, I’m telling you that it can break or split your psyche, you’re still polarized by what I’m saying, but go ahead, do as you wish, just make sure you know what you’re doing.