Raising dead body of cat

please quiqly…I want to revive dead body of cat wich dead because of bad weather of winter yesterday …I want most fast method to revive her>>her colour white and black

You’re probably better off letting her rest, I am sorry she died, I know that grief from losing a cat, but let her pass on to her next big adventure.


no I revive her whatever the cost

Is she definitely dead?

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My ex began working with Bastet and kept her cats spirit around as a familiar. Maybe that is a possibility for you also.


ask her how I do it

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You must talk with Bastet neither of us can help you I am sorry.

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Hello I am a vet tech and honest animals cross over quickly.

Why do you want to revive her? To be honest it would have had to been within mins of her death.


The issue with reviving the cat (if it were a possibility) is you would bring it back into a damaged body which is more suffering compared to the cat moving on to the otherworld and possibly becoming a guide or resting or even doing something else with their next life.


Whatever you do, don’t cremate the cat.

Bune can help you communicate with the cat on dreams and astral.

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it not passed 24 hours and I can go to vet clinic…say what you know please

Stop trying. I understand the grief, but stop trying.


A “thing” which I guess is practiced combined with other ones (and maybe indeed within minutes) would be to breathe on the animal, but…

To be honest if raising the dead was that easy then any occultist would happily do it in front of any Church or Mosque to fool those fools to be their messiah and what would that mean ? the equivalent of being King !


Yeah, here is the thing. This cats body was unable to hold the life within it anymore, and OP, is trying to pull the poor cats soul back in this body, which is dying more and more every seconds. If you have somehow managed to put that soul back in, that cat would suffer so bad you have no idea. This is inhumane. No pet owner should wish or do this to their pet.

I don’t moralise usually but this is straight up madness.


I don’t want to burst your bubble, but the physical process of…ahem…postmortal changes is already too much in progress to grant your cat a comfortable life in its already decaying body. I don’t want to get too much into graphic details but even IF your cat is still looking fresh from the outside: it is NOT on the inside (bacteria dissolving tissue in the intestine is already happening, for example).


Let her rest bro

you could maybe have done it within the first few minutes after death and the cat would have had an NDE. Now it may be too late because it could have already left.


say what you know please …Is there method to revive her after body death by short time and repair this body

say method to restore them after death by minutes …If If I were to encounter this situation again, God never forbid

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