Raise vibration and...but will it?

They say if you want to manifest ex back raise your vibrations my question is if I change my vibe will she feel it or somehow universe bring her back to me somehow
We just talk on text
Please tell me any technique by which I can arise love in her towards me by being far away from her the technique tht will be worth it

I dont think it work like that, sounds a bit new agey. Of course your vibrational frequency could play a indirect role.

If you want to try it out, you could implement techniques described in this thread, at the bottom is the updated version.

You can also always try this method: By using the demonic language.
Although you mentioned having the desire to manifesting your ex back. (or induce love) You could try the incantation of creating sexual opportunities. As one thing led to another

It is wise before using the demonic language to first attune your throat chakra as it will potentiate your further chanting’s with the demonic incantations. If you have trouble to identify the proper pronunciation.
I can send you a link in which the person who channeled the incantations speaks them.

Good luck :+1:

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Raising your vibes doesn’t bring an ex back, the association with “high” vibes= good and “low” vibes = bad/negative is hogwash.

no matter how fast or slow your vibrations are your mentality is the thing that needs to change, and understanding why she went from gf to ex gf because magick isn’t a cure all for whatever possible issues was in that relationship or going on with her that made her leave.

You can use magick to make those things known for you to work on them and draw her curiosity if there’s still some feelings left.


I just once want her back

Understandable, gotta put the work in though, not just magick, but physical work too.

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No I don’t think it will matter. Higher vibrations doesn’t equal better, and lower vibrations doesn’t equal worse. Think in terms of density.

If you want her back, you have to do the work - have to do something that requires action. Not just sit at home and meditate on raising your vibrations.

If “raising your vibration” involves meditating on the reasons why the relationship failed in the first place, I can see value in it. But it will not substitute the work needed to promote changes for another opportunity for said relationship to be in the realm of possiblity. But it can be a first step, it just won’t achieve the goal alone

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What determines is it the degree of authentic conviction in it being a reality. It is a reality but it’s not the only one in your limitless consciousness and that’s the rub: picking one state out of god-knows-how-many. In general, I’d say don’t waste time trying convince yourself of it (even though some people have done so successfully) because it can be very draining and tiring due to cognitive dissonance that arises from something you think is a “fact” and what you “desire” especially when it involves something you perceive as another “independent” entity. Trying to force a belief often causes karmic backlash (not because of some judgmental being but your own mind). I mean, it’s pretty hard to believe that someone who, to your mind, is not you, will choose as you do, right? And what’s more: you might end up missing out on other more interesting stuff.

It isn’t necessarily higher or lower vibrations, you just have to be on the same level, or close enough that you can be together. If your ex is lower, for example, more dense, then you would actually have to lower yourself to go down there ie, go to hell. And I highly do not recommend it, (cause I did it, and then I realized I didn’t want to live in his non-magical conspiracy fact land in an empty apartment with no books hiding from the “Illuminati” or whatever low vibration crap he dreamed up.)

This is mostly new-age Law of Attraction stuff, which kinda gets it right, but people peddling this “raise your vibration” thing seem to take away a warped interpretation of it.

Sound is a kind of vibration, and hearing is the ability to interpret those vibrations as speech or music or noise. What you’re aiming for instead of just “raising your vibrations” in general, is generating the right kind of energetic/mental/psychic (whatever you want to call it) vibrations, in a way that makes them interpretable (on a subconscious level) to your ex, or in a more precise sense, to your own subconscious, which affects the wider One consciousness, which includes your ex.

So for this you can use spells/rituals, or the Law of Assumption/Belief/Consciousness (Joseph Murphy or Neville Goddard style).

Or take a look at this thread and use its technique:

Having “high vibrations”, i.e. feeling happy and in a good mood all the time, is nice to have, but it’s not strictly necessary to get results, and it also has the risk of you inadvertently sabotaging yourself if you start to worry that having a bad day or a bad mood is “lowering your vibrations” and affecting your working. You don’t need to be happy and cheerful every waking minute to have successful outcomes.

Also note that it takes commitment and perseverance. There’s a few things you can do as well, like:

  • Stop replaying the old story in your head
  • Stop having mental arguments with your ex
  • If you find yourself having negative thoughts, firmly remind yourself “no, that’s not true” and replace the thought with something like “how was it so easy for me to get my ex back?” or “why does [ex’s name] love me so much?” or “why is my relationship with [ex] so perfect?”

Again, it takes commitment and persistence, it’s not something you can learn overnight.


When I think of new-age stuff gone too far, I think of toxic positivity, ascension, and people believing in conspiracy theories.

Yeah, actually, if someone is very negative, having high vibrations could push them away, because they would just get mad at you like “What are you happy about, why are you making fun of me and giving me a hard time?” I know we all hate it, but it reminds me of Scientology and that emotional tone scale thing.

Raising your vibe will indeed improve everything but be aware that the highest vibration is not joy but calm or “the peace that passeth understanding”… This is also the fundamental vibration of eternity and the Absolute.

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