Rain al alim jinn book

Hi everyone i want to buy the jinn sorcery book but unfortunatly there is no shipping to my country so it will took months to arrive so want to know your opinion about it are the rituals in the easy or they require sacrifices and fasting also is it practical and straight to the point is it actually tell how to do evocation?

If you search the Internet for the name of the book, plus the keyword “review”, you’ll get some in depth opinions, like this one looks pretty good:

From the review above:

The next chapter was admittedly the one I was most excited for, as it deals with the methods of conjuring the personal Qarīn, which is the jinn companion that every person has by their side. The section itself is sparse, including only two rituals which follow a fairly standard formula.

You can search “evocation guide” on here to get instructions, no sacrifices, not fasting… but do pay attention to your spiritual hygiene (also found in tutorials on here) and cleanse beforehand, and be aware of how to check the entity is who you asked for an not an impostor or parasite. Other things come as well and try to trick you, and you do not want to get fooled by them.

Don’t just jump into calling up stuff if you don’t know how to get rid of first, as a basic safety precaution.

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The book is useless and a big scam, I tried few rituals and it didn’t work. No jinn appeared what so ever

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