Racist ass you tubers and their pos opinions

I noticed a trend where ppl just love arguing and being right all the time those skeptic and political commentary channels who say the left is bad all the time or the right is bad all the time it’s a pity human trait and I want nothing to do with it I avoid politics like the plague

also could care less about human issues such as race gender sexuality political party or views country of origin etc why debate over useless shit like that omg I’m white and awesome lol or omg I’m black and fuck whites lol or I’m gay fuck straight males lol or I’m straight fuck faggots lol

you ppl make me sick I tell ya…

sometimes I feel like shouting stop arguing you fucking retards you all suck…

basically we as humans are all flesh and gods stop arguing with each other

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Anyone who is still attached to the color of their skin has some work to do.

“Conscious” this and “conscious” that, but they are still pushing someone else’s divide and conquer agenda without even knowing it.

If you see any “group” or “cult” or “following” that is all one race, run for the hills.


Lol wrong thread bro XD

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Haha thanks <3

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@Gitana7 I completely relate to this. I’ve been called a culture vulture, cracker, snow ni**er, soulless, etc. What these racists don’t consider, is that just because I look completely white (i.e. Blonde hair and blue eyes), doesn’t mean I am. I have about twenty percent African DNA. I don’t run around bragging on that though. The spirits really don’t give a shit. If you show them respect and put effort into your relationship with them, they don’t care what your race is.


Gurl you right.

Exactly. A god is to a human what a human is to an ordinary chimpanzee.

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Agreed. It’s also racist.
It’s interesting how some races that have worked hard to stop being racist to specific other races, are now finding that those other cultures never did that work or accepted it in the spirit of restoring balance in which it was given.
Now they are showing themselves up as the racist ones - which looks like a pendulum swing but I think they just always were, and it’s understandable, but times have changed and are still changing, and some folks seem to just not be keeping up or doing their part to contribute to equality as an ideal for all.


On this I quite agree. And it’s not like, when people adopted the concept of karma (for example), all ideals regarding karma magically disappeared from it’s culture of origin. THAT would be theft. But cultural exchange, which is the proper term for adopting something not of your origin like that, is sharing. And you know. Sharing is caring. Didn’t their mommas teach them to share?

I’m not against cultural exchange. We didn’t have guns. Folks brought over guns. I like guns. Guns are now part of my culture. I’m keepin’ my guns.


This honestly doesn’t suprise me Micah. :rofl:
I always imagined that this video would summoned up your experience with the other side. :joy:


Fuck outta here with yo hella accurate shit :joy::joy::joy::joy::fu::fu::fu::fu::fu::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Wow. Thats Funny. The part you said about her not wanting to salute her god Parents is really messed up. You can have God Parents and not be fully iniated. I see it all the time. People wont have any ceremony done and say that. But techinally until you have the ceremony done like recieve Ekekes or Warriors. This is in Ocha. Santeria. I laugh at people that post stuff on youtube. Because im iniated in Palo Mayombe. Waiting to make ifa in Cuba soon. And both my god parents in Palo and Ifa dont even have business cards. Its supposed to be a secret. Plus if your not iniated you really cant work with those spirits. You can in theory but nothing will happen. Binding? They dont have that in Ocha. Dumb bitch is practicing wicca. Dude shes not crowned. Thats when your a real iniate in ocha. But also. Being crowned in ocha doesnt really give you license to work for clients. An Obah can but not a regular Santero. Or Santera. A Tata can in Palo Mayombe. But in my line of Palo. You can have an Nganga but if you dont have the knife ceremony you cant sacrifice to it. I have my Nganga and knife. Im a full fledged Tata. I do work for people but mostly friends and family. I really dont like to deal with the public. Because motherfuckers are crazy. I got iniated into Palo because it was to defend myself from someone that was trying to kill me with witch craft for 10 years. I never believed in any of this stuff befor i got into the religion. Thats a little of my story. I hate racist people. Ocha is Santeria duh you dumb bitch on youtube. Santeria is a spanish word. Yes Santeria is from Africa but the Cubans perfected the religion. But regardless. The Orishas are for every one. Ori is the spirit in your head that guides u. Sha is the the spirit of lets Say Chango. Thats my Dad. Orisha. So everybody on earth has one. So unless u born in space That religion is for everybody.

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These issues arise in the realm of the illusion of separation. They sometimes appear to as someone/something that seems different but this difference–especially when it is disturbing–arises from an undue attachment to a limited and illusory concept of Self.

That said, infinite diversity exists and all truths are true in their own right but never the Truth. Treat it as it should be: a different perspective that is valid to itself. If you’re inclined to do so, look within to discover why it is in your experience. Nothing we experience is truly independent of us.

Currently, papers and superficial appearance suggest I’m an Indian but for all everyday purposes I could very easily pass for an Englishman because English is my mother tongue (: I’m monolingual :slight_smile: and I tend to have habits quite different from the stereotypical (: yes, all Indians are different :slight_smile: Indian. Okay, I have a bit of British and Spanish ancestry as well but they are not easily visible until I start talking. As we cease to cling–not delete necessarily–to our beloved personas and limited concepts of identity we will see that concepts of nationality, ethnicity and boundaries expand to the point they almost become irrelevant outside of small talk.

I have worked with several systems: Nordic, the Necronomicon (: supposedly Persian/Arabic flavour :), Kabbalah, Christian/Catholic, Chaos etc. I’ve got very goo results with all of them.
YOU ARE THE OPERANT POWER IN ALL MAGIC. All the rest is symbolic like everything else that takes form–including your persona.

Nothing shuts up the unthinking. And the angry just yell louder and work themselves into a violent frenzy.

Isn’t it a wonderful thing that Black Magic folk and sorcerers tend to be the most thoughtful and reasonable of people. Pragmatism…