Quimbanda for outsiders

Hello… reading Frisvold’s books for a few years to contemplate perspectives of European witchcraft from a unique view, but I’ve never done any of the workings as it seems pretty dangerous.

Is there anyway of making light contact with an Exu for positive workings that is inherently safe / doesn’t overstep boundaries or is similar to doing a small, easy invocation to a Goetic spirit ?

If you take the view that these entities exist as sovereign beings outside of the religions of humans, then you have the name and you can reach out with any technique you like to ask that question of them.

The worst they can say is “No, talk to my human priests”, but I haven’t actually heard yet of an entity that didn’t like respectful contact. Generally if humans know their names that’s for a reason: it’s what they want. The ones that don’t want direct contact, we don’t have many names for and you get warned off them.

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So I think some light handed, respectful contact that’s not directly about money, sex, revenge could be ok… I only have Gnostic, peaceful interest in contact with Exu

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