Quick repletion method?

Over the last month I’ve done two major workings, four scans/reads, pouring energy into my garden in preparation for planting, and a multitude of wards. Last night I spent most of my waking hours searching for visions.

Today I’m starting to realize I’m pretty burnt out. I’m hungry but not for food, and my body feels fatigued even though I got plenty of sleep.

I have a lot more work to do, and I can’t do it in this state. I don’t have much time to recover if I’m going to keep up this pace. I’m looking for recommendations on how to quickly restore my energy stores so that I can resume my work without running myself into the ground.

Draw down power from the cosmos and circulate it through yourself. One of the best ways to do this is to absorb energy directly from the sun.

You can also chant this mantra from the archangel Malkiediel:

I have personally found it very useful for helping my get up and go to actually get up and go.