Quick questions about King Paimon

If I’m going to summon him, I can only assume that I should know all that I should about him. I dont want to offend him, after all.

I saved a few sites on here already I just need to know anything else as far as my first time.

So for one. I drew his sigil. It took me an hour just to make it by hand. But it’s on the back of an inventory sheet (we have no blank or construction paper) I hope this is alright.

Next. I have a cold (minor coughing. Bit of sniffling. Sore throat) should I wait until I’m healthy again before interacting with him?

Is there anything specific I should say when opening/charging his sigil?

Pretty much just give me the run down of what I should know. I already work with Lucifer, but I feel more comforted by Lucifer and more intimidated by King Paimon.


That’s a really nice sigil, I should have taken a picture of the one I drew for him, you’d die…! I tried, but it’s a hard one :expressionless:


Did you also scream like a banshee for him, Silent? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :joy: Bahaha

To OP, that’s a lovely sigil! Can tell the care you took in drawing it.


I almost did it in pen but rethought that real fast and moved to pencil. :neutral_face: I can draw lucifer’s so easily now but I am going to take such good care of this sigil, because that was a trial in itself just to draw it. (Not that I dont care for my Lucifer sigil. I keep it very safe.)

Thank you for the compliment. :slight_smile:


:smile: Thank you. I was practically shaking while doing it because I didnt want to mess it up last minute. (I remember doing that to a picture of Princess Peach I drew as a kid. She was really good. And then when I outlined her in marker I messed up her right eye BADLY and it was the last thing that needed to be outlined. :sweat: )


I can relate with doing certain sigils with henna on different areas of the body. If I over concentrate, I have a tendency to have a shaky hand. Heh, but if I just relax I can draw them smoothly & precise. :smirk:

I really like the swirls King Paimon’s has.
I have yet to work with him, but the people I know who do genuinely adore him. Almost borderline worship, lol. That’s how big of an impact he’s made in their lives.
I wish you success on your endeavor with him. :smile:


Bow to him. He is a King and he considers it a matter of honor if you don’t respect his rank. I was kneeling, head bent and he put his hand on my shoulder by the neck and pushed down, making me bow deeper. Just getting his point across first time. Always address him by his title first. He is VERY regal, commands respect. He rules 200 legions. Multiply that by slightly over 6000 individuals. You don’t get that rank for nothing. He’s the guy who, when he says jump, you ask how high. Aside from Enki, he has visited the most of his own accord without evocation.
I’m smitten by his presence, somewhat. I can’t help it, really.


His (in this case hers) last words in latest communication were to me, be at peace son of Lucifer. So I agree. Showing some respect never hurts. :wink:
Oh and I did bow before King Paimon, I got the feeling automatically to bow.


When I think of summoning him I get a tingle in the back of my head that I should kowtow to him. Don’t know if its advise from Lucifer or if King Paimon knows I’m ready to do this. But. Intuition is usually my lifesaver.


Stop being kinky @Sedagive ! :rofl::joy: I do scream but not while in trance and not like a banshee :smirk::smirk::smirk: Need to add something about that on TMW thread :joy:

@anon50363245 Covered the topic pretty much and I know you know the rest you need!


:joy: :heart: yew :blush:
I’m surprised you know who wasnt summoned by that statement :frog::tea::smirk:


Remind me to pull your astral hair next time! :smirk::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I did a 16-day pact with him in order to prove my resolve. Afterwards, he reduced my appetite, increase my self-control, and strengthen my desires.

My end of the deal, I had to keep his seal drawn on the back of my hand for 16 days. And I had to keep it maintained as well. My workplace was less than thrilled, but they didn’t have a choice, as I explained that it was a religious issue.


Drawn on the back of your hand? :hushed: it was hard enough drawing it on paper. That’s pretty good that you kept it up.


It was a long 16 days, but it was heavily worth it. King Paimon is very gracious, and if you fill up your end of the deal, the rewards will be great. There’s no deception with him. What he says is truth, he’s a great king and he deserves every bit of respect he gets. Last month, whenever all of this was going on, if you would have told me that I was going to be beginning a path working with Azi Dahaka, I would have told you to get back on your meds. Now, almost nothing seems impossible. Everything seems as though it’s magickally within my reach.


That’s really great to hear. I hope I do very well for him. I think I’ll wait until my health is better. Then I’ll set everything up.


Hey did you use any candles or anything? What was your altar like?

Blue and black candle.
Offering of wine. A droplet of blood.


I annointed the candles with Jasmine oil.


I seriously recommend waiting until you feel healthy if at all possible when evoking a demon you have not summoned before( with perhaps the exception of demons that help with health issues) Colds can interfere with your ability to sense the energy properly, and you could end up summoning someone who hates your guts and is going to kick your *** without any warning beforehand. (or you might be fine)