Quick assistance needed with a breakup jar spell

This isn’t the usual breakup jar, it’s to end my own relationship.

Backstory- I got married last year and his mask fell off almost immediately after the wedding. He’s emotionally, verbally, and spiritually abusive(christian narcissist). Very controlling and bossy with me and my family members and won’t let me have friends. His love for me is not even real, it’s just obsession and infatuation. I’m basically his trophy wife/manic pixie dream girl, not a real partner. I am not interested in changing him to make him act better, I truly can’t stand the sight of him anymore and all the love I once had for him is completely gone. I know what everyone’s thinking but if it was as simple as “just leave him”, believe me I’d have left the first time he woke me up at the buttcrack of dawn to criticize and preach at me for hours. He also moved into MY house after the wedding so I can’t just pack up and leave either. His name isn’t on anything but he gets mail here so he’s legally a tenant, and I’d have to go through the official eviction process to get him out. He’d have a full month to make my life hell and potentially do worse than just berate me. I am a small woman and he’s a very physically strong man, he could snap me in half if he wanted and I am afraid of him.

Anyway, I’m putting together a breakup spell jar but I want to make absolutely sure I’m doing it right for the most effective results. The objective is to influence his mind to lose all interest in me and move out willingly.

What I’ve got so far;

Black peppercorns
Devil’s claw
A clove for every time he’s hurt/disrespected me
Pictures of each of us, from a single pic that I cut in half
Asmodeus’s sigil
A bit of cotton with his blood on it from when he had a cut
A piece of brown paper with my intentions- “Divorce me, find someone else, leave me alone forever”
Vinegar, once I’m done adding ingredients

Once I seal the jar, I’ll be evoking Asmodeus to separate us forever.

Can anyone proofread my ingredients or offer suggestions on how to make it stronger? Or even suggest other spells/workings to get him out of my life. I don’t need him to get sick, die, lose his job, etc but I don’t care as long as the end result is he gets the hell out of my house. He does have a heart condition and I’m not opposed to targeting that. My deadline to seal the jar is march 7, the next full moon, so as the moon wanes so will his desire to be with me.

Any help will be immensely appreciated, thank you. I am incredibly desperate here.


I think the approach can make things even worse for you. You don’t need a breakup spell because you already want to break up, you don’t need to make things more sour than they already are, what you need is to bind him so he can’t hurt you anymore and he goes away.

  1. Protect and shield yourself
  2. Strip him off any and all protections he might have on himself so your path is clear
  3. Bind him so he can’t cause any further harm to you
  4. Make him lose interest in you, cut the cords
  5. Banish him so he goes away (or at least so he wants to go away)

Then proceed to the mundane efforts: getting a lawyer, file a complaint of abuse and get a restriction order (so he’s forced to leave your home), then divorce him.

I haven’t worked with Belial but I keep hearing he’s ideal for legal matters, so he can take it from there (guide you to finding a good lawyer, influence judges to they rule in your favor, etc).

When it comes to protecting yourself, you can call upon Archangel Michael or Vine (the latter can also strip him off his defenses) or… now that I think of it… Lilith. I haven’t worked with her, but I assume she’d definitely agree to keep you safe from a man trying to hurt you, and possibly even punish him for it at the same time.


Ooh thank you, this is really good advice. Glad I posted before finalizing anything.

Belial is actually my patron, and I’ve been thinking of petitioning Lilith about this mess too. Haven’t worked with Vine but I’ll call on him too.


I have also added Amaranth for forgetfulness into my poppet spells for this, specifically the variety “Love Lies Bleeding”.

Lavender is the Swiss Army knife of herbs and healing and soothing to help an easy transition.

Echinacea does this too and is fortifying for your own magickal immune system.


I just wanted to mention two demons from LHD that helped me with my ex who was trying to force me to live wth him and pay half the rent. The situation isnt the same but he went from trying to threaten problems for me and my family if I didnt stay with him, to deciding I wasnt worth his time and he could do better. I did the pathworking for Diralisin who made hin think he got what he wanted and I was slowing him down so he broke up with me. I was very thankful, ty Diralisin! I aldo worked with Bileik to get him to change his mind and he left me alone completely, saying I was lazy when he’s living wyh someone and I pay all of my bills myself, ty Bileik. Hope that helped!

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That sounds like exactly what I want to happen, for him to just decide I’m not worth it anymore and go bother someone else lol. I have worked with Diralisin before too, so awesome :slight_smile: Thanks!