Questions regarding ancestors worship


Hello everyone I don’t know if this is the right section to put this.

I have an urgent question, I recently did a research on ancestors worship, I just got all the stuffs ready to setup my very first altar, I am just curious if I could setup my altar when needed and park it up after prayers and all…

Would parking and setting up make my ancestor angry or make the altar less effective?

Thanks in advance.


your intentions is what matters


Hi thanks for your reply pls I don’t actually understand your reply.


You don’t intend disrespect so there should be none taken. Other users here use temporary altars and have no issues.


I agree with the above. You could even have your altar in the spirit world, that wouldn’t matter either.


Ok I understand now… thanks


Funny this topic came up. I’ve been looking at some Mesopotamian areas when Dilmun came up. This wiki:

Of note is this section:

Conservation controversies

Attempts to protect the burial mounds have run into opposition by religious fundamentalists who consider them unIslamic and have called for them to be concreted over for housing. During a parliamentary debate on 17 July 2005, the leader of the salafist al Asalah party, Sheikh Adel Mouwda, said “Housing for the living is better than the graves for the dead. We must have pride in our Islamic roots and not some ancient civilisation from another place and time, which has only given us a jar here and a bone there.”[3]

Kind of sad no matter who was buried and when. It’s not honoring at all.


If they desecrate those burial mounds some very ancient spirits are going to drive the people living in houses above them insane! King Paimon will not be pleased as He comes from Mesopotamia.


Many practioners use a temp or portable alter for there rituals and have no problem. I would reccomend something that is light and easy to carry here is a link with many ideas on alters.


Right? It’s almost too insulting…


14 years later and I wonder how that area is doing???


Pretty much the same as 14 years ago I guess…