Questions (Pt. 2)

Its been awhile and my studies have presented some question that made me feel the need to ask on a more public level for answers.

1.) Can past religious ties affect your current ones? (Ex.: Being a “saved” christian and becoming a devil worshipper then trying to summon something.)

2.) Could other unseen entities be affecting rituals in such a way that it (the ritual) has little to no effect?
2a.) If so how to I figure out or what is doing this?

3.) Can the subconcious beliefe such things MIGHT not be at all (self-doubt) true stop things from manifesting?

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  1. Not usually unless your mentality prior follows you, otherwise the spiritual entities involved don’t care much about what faith you follow.

  2. It’s in the scope of possibility
    2a. divination is one way, being able to scan is another.

  3. The subconscious does have a strong affect on the way your mind works with the spiritual in a few cases.

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This question contains it’s own answer - look at the language.
Calling someone a ‘devil worshiper’ is a xtian thing. Ie, these religious ties are still very much current, and not in the past at all.
If the religion was actually in the past, it wouldn’t even be a question.

Yes, particularly parasites there to feed on the free yummies. Banish before you start, cleanse yourself.

Yes. Doesn’t sound very subconscious from where I’m sitting… sounds like a conscious doubt. Doubt will mess up the magik easily.

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