Questions on Poppets

I’ve only been here a few days, but I’ve seen the word poppet come up a lot. Is a poppet essentially the same thing as a voodoo doll, without the specific religious connection that is voodoo? If I were to make a poppet of someone who lived in my home, and therefore had to hide it from them, would being stuffed away in a drawer somewhere when they are around have an effect on the person it represents? If using said poppet to increase a romantic feelings between me and said person, I’ve read that you’re to treat it as if they are the person. Sleep with it in your bed, eat meals with it, spend time with it, etc. If I were, for example, in bed cuddling my poppet, but the person in real life was in bed with another human, could what I’m doing with the poppet happen in real life with someone other than me?


@Poppet is a member here. =o) person knows plenty about poppet. haha.

It’s using a real figure representation of person instead of imaginary. When one see object’s in front of them. it’s easier to believe and cast spells instead of visual thinking in the mind. touching a ball is different feeling from imagining you touching a ball. It activates physical senses which makes it more believable to the mind.


Pretty much. A poppet is very old European witchcraft. I don’t know if they developed separately of if there is a historical connection… maybe.

It doesn’t matter where it is. It is sympathetic magic, the poppet IS your target, for all intents and purposes.

Yes, the poppet IS the other person for all magickal purposes. What happens to it, happens to the person. If you don’t fully think the poppet is them, the sympathetic magic doesn’t work as well.

Depends what you’re doing to the poppet. It’s passive, so, lets say you are putting herbs to engender love in it’s pockets, (if you gave it pockets, or inside it), then you want to do that with the intention that the herbs give feelings of love in the direction you want.
Otherwise yes, random love feelings while they’re in bed with another would probably make them assume they are feeling them for the other.


Thank you so much! I ask about being stuffed away in a drawer because I don’t want the person to feel “trapped” in any way, or as though the person needs needs be hidden. But ill need to be extremely careful with that last part, I definitely need to avoid that. I’ll be doing plenty more research and planning before I dive into something I don’t think I can handle.


You’d normally have to add the intention that the poppet was being trapped. Since it’s occurred to you, that energy is around enough for you to notice, so it makes sense to keep an eye on that and not let it have surprise effects. :slight_smile:


The equivalent to a voodoo doll without the religious aspect is an effigy in chaos magick.

use carrots and radishes, both grow in very odd ways and easy enough to carve with a paring knife. hell use a potato, because of advertising everyone already associates a face on one anyways.

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How I use a popper to make someone give me money ? I have the hair, and I made a wax figurine out of it with beeswax

Poppet? It’s not really the easiest tool for that job but it’s doable.

Poppets let you act ON the person that is the Poppet. So, you could follow @sanaRo’s linked advice and author a sweetening spell (‘petition’) and fold that up and sew it into the Poppet, or make your Poppet with a pocket that you can put the folded spell in, setting the intention that the spell affects the feelings of the person.