Questions on awakening the third eye

To awake the third eye doesnt requieres to have a full awaken kundalini right is not the ascend of kundalini to it? And… Does this have risks like diyng or to get my aura damaged and that kind of things that can happen in a kundalini awakening? Or like become a maniac of sex or become a very carnal person in any sort or way like when you dont work the lower chakras in a good way?

Your “third eye” is always open. You only need to develop it through exercise and use. You don’t have to go through the kundalini at all.

There is ample information available here on what to do to develop it, so please use the search function in the upper right.


Thank you very much.
Yes i know some techniques on how to work on it …just have that doubts :smile:

There are 2 points of view: that it’s possible to begin with the higher chakras or the necessity to work from the bottom, and it’s here that, it seems, there is the risk of some sex obsession.

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@DarkestKnight thanks for the valuable info. And a thanks got to go to @AdamThoth as well. I will read the stuff you posted asap.

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