Questions before I attempt a ritual/spell

I’ve been into the occult and demonolatry for a while now, almost a year. My interest started after I went through a failed relationship with someone I loved very much, it was a right person wrong time situation and we ended on a generally good note where the last time we talked he admitted he still loved me and always will but that “too much has happened”

That was about a year ago and I haven’t had contact since, I’m currently in another relationship for a month or two now but for the life of me I can’t get myself to stop thinking about my ex although everything else in my life is going right. Every now and then I remember him and it feels like a piece of me is missing

When I first got into demonolatry I kept putting off doing any reconciliation or contact work on him due to multiple reasons like feeling it was too frivolous to ask from ancient spirits and I should work on myself and other aspects of my life (which I did), I also feared that my extreme attachment to the outcome at the time would affect my work and that I wasn’t ready, I also felt I had to be worthy for a demon to accept my request. And honestly a part of me kept putting it off because I felt it was so important to me that if it failed all hope would be lost.

I have done a lot of research on which demon I could petition for this, including Sallos, Dantalion, Rosier, Agares. I feel like I’m ready now or should at least push myself to do so

However my questions are:

have I waited too long for it to work?

He also got into a rebound relationship a while after we ended things but I haven’t heard anything about them in forever so I’m unsure if they are still together, should I do a break up or hatred spell before I proceed with working on contact and reconciliation?

Also I know its messed up that I’m in a relationship and looking to do this, but for now all I’m looking for is contact and perhaps an apology from my ex just so I can know how I feel about it then, there’s a lot of unhealed pain and loose ends in this situation and I want to get some contact first and then see how I feel and if I even still want to be with this person then?

Any advice or recommendations on how I can go about doing this work?

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Agares can facilitate contact (however rituals do take time. don’t go waiting for it every day. It happens when it happens, and depends on so many different things - do you even speak anymore? does the ex have a way of contacting you?
You can call on him using different methods, demons of magick (the book), his sigil and meditation.
There is also another book: lucifer and the hidden demons:
the demon Diralisin can open communication. (this works through pathworking. I haven’t tried it yet, but people do like the book!)
It’s best to buy the book if possible.

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Thank you!! Yes I’m very aware that it needs time to work it’s not my first rodeo and I think I’m at a point in my life where I’m no longer obsessed and heartbroken, I have a full life and wouldn’t end up lusting after results too much. We’ve been in no contact for almost a year but neither of us blocked eachother so there are several ways for him to contact me.

I have both of these books, I’m very interested in pathworking but I haven’t given it a try yet as I do struggle with visualization, it’s not my strongest method but perhaps i should challenge myself

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Well is there any way for you to find out? Through the internet?
A good thing to do (if possible of course) is to do divination before a ritual. Sometimes people offer free little readings, you can ask your question there.
(i’m a bit of an intuitive myself - super crappy psychic.) My spidey senses are saying: don’t start with love work right off the bat. this is glacial and will take time to thaw. communication and love are 2 different animals so don’t combine it if you understand what I’m saying?
if you petition Agares focus on contact first. You’ll find out how to proceed next. Maybe y’all don’t even want to be together. Maybe you just miss him and want to know how he’s getting on?
that’s very normal and fine.
You know,
you can ask Agares to give him ‘warm thoughts’ about you. to sort of soften a person up, so to speak.
you could even reach out yourself, if you’re so inclined. A nice message, a card or a letter? that never did nobody any harm. if it’s ignored, well, that is a message in itself - do more spells lol :smiley:
stop researchign and get to some workings (and tell us about it!)