Questions about summon a Goetic Demon


Is possible to summon a Goetic Demon any day at any time?. I attach this website. In the information of each one there are a zodiac sign and specific dates, Should they be respected?. Also I would like to ask why in some spirits have at least two directions, elements, metals, planets, etc.

I’ve never even read these things and I’ve had no issue calling any daemon at any time. I usually start my rituals late at night around 8pm ish.

If you look into the history of where they came from, they were invented in later grimoires and never part of the original work with any entity. That doesn’t mean that the individuals that wrote those grimoires weren’t reporting what genuinely worked for them, but you have to realise, you are a unique individual yourself, and there’s no real reason for you to assume your energetic system works the same as theirs.

You’re best off trying it both ways, and finding out for yourself how your personal magik works.

Thanks for reply Maulbeere.

I am trying to understand the system of invocation/evocation and also learn of the people who conjure them. You have reason to be self-taught but first I should learn the basis.

In that case, I wouldn’t call bringing in planetary and hourly correspondences basic.
Not using them is basic… I’m pretty basic :smiley:

It more important imo to get trying something, than wait for the perfect time and then not be able to repeat because you missed a special window. There’s no reason to hobble yourself like this.

You asked:

Is possible to summon a Goetic Demon any day at any time?

The short answer is yes.

zodiac sign and specific dates, Should they be respected?

If you feel like it, and not if you don’t. I say no.

I would like to ask why in some spirits have at least two directions, elements, metals, planets

Because these are made up by different people… yours may be different again, that’s why you have to find your own way. Personally, I think they’re fiction and only work for those the believe in it. I don’t.

Hey thanks!, you help me a lot.

I’m a total newbie, but I have been using Gordon Winterfield’s book with great results. No astrological influence at all. Day or night. Some results happen fast, as in obnoxious neighbors who have been loud and disrespectful for a year and a half quieted down within 2 hours (thanks Phenix!) and it has been 2 weeks and it remains pretty good. There have been other fast acting results, but that has been the most tangible immediate request that can have no other explanation for the result. And thanks to Seer, a work situation was just influenced too. That took a little longer, but that was expected.

That all being said, I’m not doing full conjurings. The book has 3 levels and I have only been using the first to send a petition to the demons.

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Many thanks for the reccomendation, I will check it asap. I’ve just aked because there are several methods.


Yes, I know. Since this is all pretty new to me, I have been trying to start as simple as possible and go progressively more complicated as needed.

That book “Demons of Magick” seems to be the simplest yet quickest results I have found. I have tried others that have not done much from what I can tell (though others on this very forum would say it worked well for them…it could be very well that they are too simple for my mind to believe they could work), and this is the first Gallery of Magick book I can say definitely worked for me.

What ever you do or try, keep a couple things in mind. If it doesn’t look like it worked, it could be for your own good. I’ve been asking and pushing for something to happen and it was not and I received some news yesterday that would have equated to full blown disaster had my goal been achieved. Blocked for a reason and the method in that book has enough protection for cases like this and yet not too protective to restrict it from working.

Also, if something does not manifest, or especially if it partially manifests, consider what your part might be to get to the end goal. There could be some practical action you may need to do to make it happen, or you might be getting guided to do another ritual with another spirit that works another angle of getting to your goal.

Good luck!