Questions About Sigils?

One of the most common ways of using sigils entails to forget it. However, what to do with old sigils yoiu have activated and forgot in the past, perhaps they have worked or not, but you don´t remeber them?

You burn them, or otherwise destroy them.


I did not mentione it. I meant of course, sigils that instead destroying and forgetting them, you keep(not destroy), but forget it. What happens with these sigils if you keep them, don´t destroy them and after some time you not even remeber you created them?

If I have somehow forgotten about them (which happened a bit more frequently when I started) they made themselves “known”. It wasn’t unusual to find a sigil in one of my shoes, in my wallet or in a rather inconvenient place where it silently slipped out for everyone to see if someone would have been around. Since I am taking a better track of what sigils I create for what purpose there wasn’t such occurrence ever since. But I tend to say that they won’t do anything if they have served their purpose or lost their momentum. You should try to not let them drop left and right if you’re living in some kind of sensible circumstance, though.


Thanks for your answer. I don´t understand clearly your first phrase.

Good point. This happens to me as well :slight_smile:

Sigils that are open keep coming up in front of me, when you’re looking for something else, when you’re tidying, when for no reason you open that book you put it in for safekeeping…

If you have old sigils that are still open but forgot about, and they don’t show up like the ring in The Hobbit, they may not actually be open or actively doing anything anyway.

On the other hand, they could still be acting and causing unexpected results in your current workings. Best not to forget your sigils. Make a list and keep it update in your journal or something.


3 questions

-is there any way of deactivating all sigils you have created -regardless you remember them or not- in order starting from the beginning?

-if you find one and don´t remember not even its purpose what is best to do?

  • is fine if you burn your old sigils as you find them but keep a picture of these sigils for curiosity purposes?

Just dispose of it in some way. I would just burn it. It had a purpose once.

Do you want the sigil or what it represents? While it’s possible to keep it, you’d have to detach from it to let it happen. That’s partly why they’re burnt. It’s a sending off both practically and psychologically.

I’m with Mul and Pariah on them jumping out at you. I had several come to light when the movers came last fall. With the temperatures across the ocean, in a metal box, they would’ve melted on something, as they were sealed in wax.


I think the OP may be talking about Spare-style sigils, not spirit seals. You don’t forget spirit seals, but you are supposed to forget Spare-style sigils.

No, because you may have consciously forgotten the intent of the sigil, but the subconscious has not.


if you want to keep the sigils as art works, would be fine to, mentally, deactivate them putting your hand on each one and asking the sigil to be deactivated, or other way you could describe?

How do you do that.

Dk just gave you the answer above.

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Burn them hoes . To DUST haha.
I’ve had FAT COLLECTIONS OF SIGILS . Like 5-10 or even more and just burn them all at once . Like sigils that have been around for years . It’s also just simple . You let go of what was . To make room for what will be . I recently did a ritual with belial
Took 10 minutes at most
And he manifested through the burning ash .
It’s literally small things like that . Makes you realize they are there . Watching . Doesn’t matter if the sigil was new or old . They are there . To fill out your intention .

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Thanks for all your answers. however, sorry because I do not understand clearly. So, please, allow me to ask again about these 3 different options :

  • I have read that in Chaos there are not fixed procedures. So, if I don´t feel comfortable burning the sigils. as I would like to keep them apart as a collection of art works, but depriving them of energy, intent, power, etc. How, then would you do it?

-On the other hand, if you choose not to keep the sigils, burning each one instead when you activate it: How do you deactivate it?, could you keep a copy(a picture)of the sigil?

-Can a sigil be kept, being deactivated and activated at will when you need it?

You’ve already been told this isn’t a good idea several times. Let it go or ruin your work. Your call.

How many times does it need said?

Spirit sigil, sure. Anything else, let it go and make another.

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Some more questions:

-you say it is not a good idea to keep them. All right,I understand. What may happen if(this question is for understanding all nuances of sigils´ behaviour):

you keep active a sigil which has already fulfilled its task

you keep active a sigil which for any reason seems not to have worked, and you create other sigils for that same task


I would like to know if anyone doesn´t destroy, but keep his/her sigils although it has fulfilled its task.

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