Questions about Petition ritual

Hello! I am new to magick and I am new to the demons of Goetia. I want to do the petition ritual from “Demons of Magick” tonight but I have a couple questions. I am not very Clarivoyant neither am I good reading energies. Are there any techniques I could do to heighten that ability, and how would I know if the demon is there? I want to petition to the Duke Sallos to make my ex fall back into love with me. I know that sounds cliche but its something I really want. I also want to petition to Duke Sallos to bond with him, and learn from him. Any tips on any of the things I have mentioned?

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To become more clairvoyant/etc, you need to work on your senses. Through meditation, scanning (practice), working with spirits in general will work out your senses over time, divination can also help, etc.

Not sure what method your using to call the demon, and not familiar with that particular petition ritual (I’m familiar with the one from @DarkestKnight) but if you use the sigil of the demon (and open it successfully) then there’s a good chance they heard you/are present EVEN IF you can’t sense them.

One more tip, from what I know - love spells only really work if there is some base to build from. If this ex has no more feelings for you then most likely won’t be successful. There’s needs to be a base from what I hear. Kinda like a foundation to build on.

This is the petition spell I’m referring to:

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Thank you so much for the advice I really appreciate it.

I actually love Demons of Magick. Ive found it simple, straight forward, and more effective than more complicated things ive attempted.

for the petition spells and demons of magic interaction or even perception of the demon is not necessary. I would worry more about having senses active when performing connective evocation or fall evocation. With that said, having worked with Demons of magic to perform more petitions then the other methods I can say that each petition did have distinct presences and visual effects. In those instances communication wasn’t a factor because the point was the petition not to actually engage with the demon. The most potent affects visually was when I worked a petition with Bune but i had evoked in the past so i wonder if the very strong presence, the orange glow that cascaded and shimmered around the candles, even a figure beside me, and a wonderful, comforting feeling was a result of it having not been my first time.

Anyway, I think with Demons of Magick, the sensory techniques are exquisite with beginning and opening the channels. Practice the ritual opening. Focus on those sensations - the scent of a burning rose, pause, take time to really “imagine” the scent of a burning rose. Learn it by memory - i do keep a notebook with notes as well beside me, which i also use to record my observations as well as promised offerings to track what i owe when the task is accomplished - accounting.

But anyway, yes, i cant stress enough how important the memorization is. if you can memorize the sensory phrases and practice the experience of those to get in the mindset, then at least for myself, shit starts happening with the ritual opening in the black circle. Also, the evocation keys! These are again sensory practices that engage with your senses and aid the demon in manifesting. I take my time with those before the “calling.” I want to see that damn seal doing stuff, and those evocation keys really help! Immerse yourself and the environment with them - example for Sallos one of them is a texture like icy water - so feel that! feel that cold of being dunked in some ice cold water or jumping in, how your body feels being surrounded by that cold water, then add the smells to it and try to unify - you smell (insert evocation key) you feel (evocation key) you see in your “mental” vision (evocation key), then when you have those things unified as best as you possibly can (even better if you start seeing things in the symbol), you call.

But as mentioned in the book, if you feel/see/hear/sense even absolutely nothing, then proceed anyway. Especially with petitions - it is not a full evocation, so any effects that you observe sensory wise is just a bonus.

Just my input. I love this system personally.


I did the petition as posted by @DarkestKnight and although I couldn’t feel a presence, my candle started to dim and grow extraordinarily, I burned the petition and am now going on about my day. I will try the 2nd evocation ritual in the book tomorrow or in the weekend.