Questions about evoking lilith, Lucifer etc

Hey guys!!
I want to know answers of questions about evoking any spirit, 1) how do we see them ?Do we need to open our third eye to see them or they will appear before us themselves
2)what should I do after I evoke them?
3)Will I need to perform the multi times for everyday or just once?

Please use the forum search function, your questions have already been answered.

  1. Your third eye is probably already ‘open’, and there are spirits around us all the time. You develop it’s sensitivity to see them through meditation.
  2. Most people questions or for actions. If you don’t know what you want with an entity, don’t call it until you figure it out. Weak intention tends to bring failure.
  3. Not usually, but it depends on what the ritual is for and whether the entity asks for this

Definitely follow Manosman’s advice. You have a steep learning curve, and the basics are discussed in detail here. Maybe look up book recommendations as a first stop.