Questions about curses

I am rather new to this section, for this I ask you to not use complex nomenclature.
I seek knowledge above all, and although I am an avid learner, I do not know the lex.

I have see that there are many different ways to cast curses, but I wish to ask you fellow adventurers do they require a strong feeling for the curse to be effective? Once again, I understand that there are many ways.

But say if someone comes to ask you to cast a curse to a third person, it would not have the same effect as if you cast the same curse with feelings attached?
What other trade-offs are generally available?

Thank you for your time.
Again, my path is one of knowledge, not of power.

For me when I curse enemies of my client I feel the rage the client felt and I have a connection to darkness so instead of over pouring rage I evoke the dark beings of destruction as a compensation and destroy the victim. I have posted a curse I made myself here which is the most powerful curse I ever made.


In my experience both ways are possible.
Nothing beats the feeling of personal rage directed at your target, it gives a nice “boom” and push into the work at hand, it has its own drive to feed from.
But I also had to learn that it shouldn’t matter how you’re personally feeling at the moment in order to execute the work with a satisfying outcome (throwing curses while you’re the happiest person alive, throwing blessings while feeling enraged or hurt like never before).


Positive energies do not affect casing curses?

In my experience they don’t but I had to learn how to do so.
In my own learning experience I have been stripped from all of my feelings (good and bad) over a certain amount of time (it was horrible) and I had to execute curses and blessings alike during this time. It helped me to find out that I could “mimic” feelings for the amount of time the ritual would take.

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For me casting a curse without feeling it is like casting a yarn lasso into a dark room hoping to catch a mouse. The subject, energies and cause/effect is in the energetic web for me. How does the person requesting feel about the person they want to curse? How does the reason feel? Find an energetic hook, usually emotions surrounding the subject, and weave the curse based on that in my humble opinion. If you lack intention, knowing how people feel then how do you hope to make it work? Feeling and emotional mapping is important at a beginner level. Where do you feel this in your body? Focus on that, invert it to resolve the negative energy for a sense of relief for person A. Mentally mirror and feel how you want person B to feel as punishment for making person A feel whatever it was that made them want to curse person B. Basic energetic mirrors. Idk what magical system you use, but for me the mirroring and body mapping energy is effective rather than wishing a curse out there and hoping it hooks in.

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