Questions About Astral Projection

i feel like my ability to astral project is very much achievable as i have projected slightly multiple times on accident and i know the feelings that occur before. due to my disability, astral projection is the first thing on my list to achieve as it is currently extremely difficult to perform any rituals physically and i feel like my mind currently limits myself to a lot except for the astral. now i have a couple of questions about the astral:

  1. are there any safety precautions that i must take before and/or after i leave my body or is it all based on my perception? i heard that there was an entity who could protect the astral body but i’m not sure if the idea that the astral body needs protection is the general consensus

  2. i’ve heard about methods of soul traveling physically but are there methods to soul travel in the astral or can those same methods in the physical be used in the astral?

bare with me. i’d appreciate if anybody could give some assistance!

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Safety wise, it’s worth warding your space to avoid having randoms walk through while you’re working.

  • Once you’re out and about you have two things you can do: set your intention clearly on your goal for the session and absolutely ignore any entities that come up to you uninvited.
  • If you find yourself approached or in an unpleassnt space, immediately intend to be somewhere else and you will be.
  • Use energy working cultivation exercises to build your light body and make it stronger.

I’m not sure what you mean by “soul travel phyically” but if you mean what I call bilocation, that’s a deeper form of astral travel where you feel like you’re really there. At this point take care of your body as if you really were there: damage taken in this state can be made real by the mind when you get back, you can also start apporting things back with you, which is cool.

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