Questions about ancestry and spiritual family

I’m going to be brief: I’m not really sure if I’m fully human anymore, or if I ever was to begin with. My body is human, this I know. But on top of receiving certain visions telling me “I’m not of this universe” and a non-human entity claiming I’m his descendant (didn’t specify by how many generations), I’ve been hearing voices telling me that I’m not entirely human. I’m not sure if these voices are just simply voices, or something more; if the latter, are they trying to be truthful or are they trying to confuse me?

Then I had an idea: maybe I’m taking it too literally. Maybe my body is human (I doubt you’re going to find non-human DNA in my blood), but my soul isn’t. I’ve heard of spiritual families before; or at least, ones where the soul is related, but not the flesh. Maybe that’s what all of this information I’ve received is relating to? Or maybe I’m a reincarnation of a specific entity (unlikely, but I’m just throwing around ideas)?

Is there a way to check these sorts of things out? Like a spell, or maybe astral traveling? Divination?

And before you ask, yes, I did search the forum. And scoured the internet. But I found nothing relating to what I’m asking.

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This topic is on the forums and basically divination is a sure fire method. You could ask for a power scan/ god form scan if you want someone else’s perspective on your particular makeup.

I’ve tried asking on those threads, but I haven’t gotten a response xD

Spiritual families? yes, its posible to be related to others outside of your physical species, at some point maybe you were something else in your past. But if you would know for sure, will that change how you define yourself now?

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An excellent question. I don’t think it will change how I define myself, but it will bring me clarity and understanding.

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Thats exelent! I asked because whatever you do, ir must be define by your own pourpuse, intent if you will, without it is hard to find truth in the answers you´ll get from this endeavour.

I dont know any specific method to do what you request, most of the time I go by intuition. Divination could help you, any method you are comfortable with, but if what you wish is to see who you truly are, maybe try to know yourself without the things that form your ego; without your name, gender, nationality, beliefs, and so on. In order to get close and see the one that looks you in the mirror, and see the real you, the one that is not bound to a body or memory of himself. Is like getting in touch with your essence, and from there going back and relive your past memories.

What you ask makes me remember I was in a similar situation, want to give you a piece of advice. Know that if they are calling you, you can still be with them without neglecting you humanity, you are here for now, make the most of it, you can be by their side afterwards.


Thanks man. : D

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In my experience, your spiritual family will find you and pull you whenever they feel you are ready for it.

When I first encountered my “family”, so to speak, I was yanked from my body spontaneously. I’m thankful that my body was in my room/temple when it happened, so my physical body was in a safe environment. Very intense experience, but it was also very fulfilling and insightful. Also, many bridges were connected leading to an epiphany moment as well as a deep sense of belonging and understanding.

So, my advice would be: keep doing what you’re doing.

Ask questions, meditate, research, experience, commune, do rituals, practice your energy work, make a sacred space in your room(if you can), etc… It will happen on its own as you progress. Become more and more in tune with the spiritual.


Some relatives are more eager than others so it seems :man_shrugging:.

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Right on the level bro. Besides hereditary memory that can allow us to meet our ancestor, we also have soul memories that reverberate through time allowing us to empathically connect to the souls of those who’ve passed away that resonate with us.

I’ve have a vision when a light being took me back in time before suns and I saw myself come from the leviathon. Then from there I traveled through space and found the earth.

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Thanks @BlackFlameEmissari, @HermDemon and @Mysterious_Stranger.

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