Questioning if I truly contacted Lucifer

The title says most of my problem. I’m all too aware how easily an entity can fake it. I’ve a couple readings saying I haven’t been successful…

Is there anything more i can do outside of reciting his enn?

Is reciting his enn the only thing you’re doing? Because that actually does very little.

Have you consecrated and opened his seal?

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Not sure. Is there a thread with that information?

What exactly have you been doing to contact Lucifer? The details of your method would help to direct you to the most appropriate resources.

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reciting his enn + meditation while lighting candles and making offerings (blood, crystals, etc,.)

Yes! Here’s the thread with all the threads to the most popular and useful info here… scroll down until you get to EAs newsletters and look for the one about using Sigils to get anything you want. :slight_smile:

Also notice the tutorials and look up “how to avoid impostors and other time wasting things”.

Why not try a pathworking method to work with Lucifer? Lucifer and the hidden demons is very effective.


this cant go wrong


You did contact Lord Lucifer. He heard you.

No other entity, parasite, spirit, or whatever would dare to try to imitate him.

If you believe in your heart that you contacted him, then you did.


I’m pretty sure they do it all the time. All the big names are up for grabs and it’s a lesson for the practitioner not to get fooled.

It’s not a case of having any kind of clout, plenty of astral randoms won’t even know who he is. It’s not like we’re all born knowing the celebrity names from the last 2k years of Christian writing. Some are older than that name anyway.

Think about it for 5 minutes before you get all preachy about it. It’s not all that and a bag of chips. He’s just Venus, one of many many planets. :slight_smile:

That’s not how it works. Test and find out through feedback, not wishful thinking.

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Actually, plenty of them do because there is so much dick-sucking when it comes to Lucifer that few beginners bother to question it. We’ve have plenty of them come to this forum asking for help because they thought they contacted “Lord Lucifer” and it was just some pretender.

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Ok. Sorry.

It just hasn’t been my experience.

Again, my bad.

This is what I get for trying to encourage people on this forum. I meant no harm.

I 1,000% agree with this. I believe it lessons to learn to help us evolve as practitioners.

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