Is there any demon that is willing to serve my every need? If so how do I summon him/her?


They expect you to put in work as well.


I second that no. Demons aren’t slaves, and it would be very stupid to treat them as such.


You could create a thoughtform or a servitor to serve you and simply destroy it when it develops a life of its own and create a new one.


Just shaking my head.


There’s people on YouTube that show you how to make so-called “demonic” servitors. That’s where I would start first. From what I’ve seen, most demons do what they want. A patron demon might be more willing to help you in many matters outside of their normal expertise. But having a patron is not for everyone and shouldn’t be decided hastily.

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Satan, Pazuzu, Paimon, Lucifer are capable of anything, including referring you to others if they feel that would suit you better.
They’ll work with you on most any issue.

The search at top right will get you started learning how to evoke them, and learning how to build your energy and skills so you can sense and communicate with them when they do come.

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Turn it on its head. If you were a demon, would you summon you?

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What Ash said.


Ok lets slow down there speed racer.

What do you think a demon is?

I am going to put this bluntly. If you think a demon is a leg rest that will build you the pyramids of giza and more you are going to get slapped pretty hard with a dose of not feel so good.

No one wants to be a slave and that includes any demons.

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