Question pertaining to Lucifer

I’ve been lurking on the forum for a while and you guys seem to like details so I’ll give you lots to hopefully help answer my question

So for as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to magick and the occult. I have also seen visions of the same man my whole life, he’s aged with me so when I was an adolescent, he appeared as an adolescent, and so on. Multiple mediums have identified the same two “guardian” spirits that hang around me, one of which is my grandma, the other is a lover from a past life, so until last night I assumed the man in my visions was him.

The past month I’ve been making a lot more effort in my spiritual development. I’ve been meditating, and speaking to my guardian spirits daily. Last night I was speaking to the lover spirit, and the topic of the man in my visions came up. I asked him if he was the man, and to my surprise he denied it. As the conversation gets deeper, I suddenly feel a new, but familiar, presence in the room with us. I don’t acknowledge it at first until the lover spirit says, “don’t be rude, say hello.”

So I turn to properly greet this new presence, and as I turn the face of the man from my visions suddenly fills my mind. I’m momentarily overcome, as his presence felt almost intoxicating to me. I finally greet him and we begin to talk, the lover spirit whispers in my ear that the presence is Lucifer, so I ask him if he really is Lucifer. And he says yes.

Lucifer… I’ve always been drawn to him and what he represents, but I’ve only accepted this recently. In the context of my life I could see it really being him, but I’m thrown because I didn’t consciously evoke him or really do anything to make him come to me. Does this sound like something he would do? Do you think I can trust that it’s him and not another spirit just pretending? I attract so many spirits it seems, and the intense pull I feel towards him makes me feel a little doubt is safest for me so I don’t get in over my head. (the suggestion that he wasn’t really Lucifer did piss him off a bit until I explained myself) if it is him how should I proceed? I’d feel awkward specifically evoking him if I can just talk to him now


Yeah sometimes a spirit will approach you instead of you approaching it, that’s normal. Usually if your experience with that particular spirit lines up with the Experiences of others you’re fine.


Alright I just wanted to be sure thank you :relieved: the idea of him approaching little old me first really threw me initially, wasn’t expecting it at all haha


If you want to summon him just chant this when in trance.

Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer


Some spirits pretend, so no harm in summoning to dispel doubt .

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Now the question is, which Lucifer?

Is it the original Greco-Roman God of the Morning Star, also known as Phosphorus or Heosphoros?

Or is it the (mistranslated and misapplied) name for a fallen angel commonly known as Satan (which is really a Jewish rebranding of Ahriman from the Zoroastrianism religion)?

Or is it none of the above and you were visited by St. Lucifer, Bishop of Cagliari, courageous opponent of heretics?

But, specifics aside, congratulations on your encounter! The path of magic is always filled with weird and wondrous things.


I’m unsure which one actually! I feel most likely Satan but I obviously have more research to do before I’ll be able to tell them all apart haha :sweat_smile:


Scary bastard he is :laughing:

Showed me my partner getting into a car crash and getting injured… But hes doing his job, getting me past my fears.

In regards to OP, congrats and welcome to our fucked up family :joy:



Think out specific questions you’d like answered and make sure that these questions use as few words as possible and have no ambiguity. Don’t ask party time questions. O! and record in your Magickal Journal.



I’m going by historic facts in my understanding of spirits. Satan is actually originally a type of angel, like seraphim, cherubim, and the like. His role was to play the opposition in the heavenly court as we see in the Books of Job and Zechariah.

He wasn’t a “fallen angel” until after Judaism met Zoroastrianism, and created an entity responsible for the evil in the world who opposed Yahweh and then Yahweh became omnibenevolent just like Ahura Mazda.

So, I don’t believe that Satan exists as an independent spirit by himself, but as a mask of Ahriman. You’re free to have your “lore” and your UPG but what I talk about is historic fact.

But, we know that before the Babylonian Exile Satan didn’t exist, and then after the Babylonian Exile suddenly the religion became monotheist, condemned all other religions as false, Yahweh stopped doing morally evil things, and this guy named Satan suddenly popped up who did all the evil shit. And why, what happened during the Babylonian Exile? The Jews encountered Zoroastrianism.


Historic fact hardly matters. Direct transmission counts more than very possibly twisted records. I have zero concern for supposed History or Science in relation to magick. By looking at History you are viewing magick from the position of a scholar, and not a practitioner. That’s the same way nonbelievers approach magick. Tradition hardly matters when we are dealing with real entities. It’s the same argument people make when they attack Spider and The Green Butterfly for not being traditional Vodoun. You are viewing magick as a tradition as opposed to an actual thing. Which implies disbelief in the fundamental realness of it. Nobody cares if it’s traditional Vodoun or not, because it’s REAL. I am not attacking your point btw. Just your logic and reasoning.


And it’s exactly attitudes like this that make me believe all spirits are aspects of the unconscious mind of the practioner. And don’t have any true existence outside of personal awareness.

And it seems to me like you’re accusing me of not being a practioner of magic.

But, I have to go to work now, peace.

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I am not. I am just saying the only proof I am willing to accept is if you ask Satan, and he agrees with you. If anything what I am saying is that I know you are a practitioner, and that you should therefore aspire to a higher standard of proof. Not attacking anything. I just find your evidence flawed.


All the traditions I work with state that he is either an Archdemon or a being born of the Great Divine Spirit

Everything I’ve read said similar things about Lucifer, that’s the version of him that I feel drawn too, so when I asked my question that was the entity I had in mind :relieved:


But thank you everyone for your answers I really appreciate it!


To me, they’re all aspects of the same thing.


Well, yes, I mean I believe all spirits are part of the psychological play of the conscious mind penetrating the subconscious mind in an attempt to change our reality, both personal and cosmic. And so, I don’t accept their objective existence from the beginning.

But, I was trying to open up people’s minds to the reality of other Lucifers.

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I actually agree lucifer is more than just a fallen angel or a roman god, I worked with this being since a child.

He always told " you will never know my true origin or existence for your mortals minds cannot grasp it ".

I remembered that from when I was a child word by word.


So do I, however he has many aspects in which all have listed


What truly is a roman god anyways? What are they truly? Not in myth or in tradition, but for real. What are they?

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