Question on the energy flow I now see

Hello peeps…
So as the title states I can now see energy flow mainly out of my fingers and it looks like fast flowing white-ish smoke or a smokey white fire flame. Anybody experienced it? What does it mean, what is it exactly and how do I condense it or what do I do with it? How do I direct it? How can I use it now that I am able to see it too (also it sometimes feels cold and other times feels warm)…


It means you’re seeing your energy and your energy looks like that, most people energy looks different per individual. Some people’s energy look like cyan water, some people’s look like black smoke, liquid light, my own looks sometimes purple with “stars” or blue with “stars”.

you direct it by learning energy manipulation/ energy work.


Thank you, funny enough energy manipulation is the topic I have been reading through today and plan to start doing just that :slight_smile:

Yeah direct energy manipulation helps you learn to manipulate your own energy, get a sense of it, and program it.

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Beings this thread is about energy. Even if slightly different. I’ve been meditating and recently I’ve been experiencing energy waves. Today specifically it started down from my feet and went up my body. It got significantly stronger at my stomach and even stronger at my heart. But then it seem to get stuck all in my head. The waves kept coming as I kept meditating until I just couldn’t take the energy sitting in my head. What’s the deal with this?

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Depends, could very well be how the body starts to relax those waves happen, or you could of been taking in earth energy such as when you center or ground and that was your limit.


that’s the aura.

That’s not…how the aura works…the aura doesn’t come out your hands like that, it surrounds your body with no point of exit like the fingers.


yes. white energy surrounding his fingers and coming out. that’s aura too.

Not in this case, the aura does not flow from the fingers. when you view the aura it’s around your entire body it would not look as though it’s from your fingers. Besides the aura comes in multiple layers not a single flowing energy from your fingers.

The aura would show itself more like outer layers around your body, energy flowing from your fingers is your internal energy.