Question on possesion or replacing

So i had a question ide like to ask…ive been reading up on possesion and somthomg came up…so can i demon be placed in a weapon.similar to how prople trap a spirit in a crystal…to help cause power, or encrease the destructive potancy of the weapon…or the weilders own strengh and skill…and if it possible…can a weapon that is carrying a spirit… transfer that spirit into a body that has been damaged by the “enchanted weapon”…also along the line of a similar question…can a demon spirit or deity… completely snuff out the soul of someone that it possesses and then use the body as its own vessle?.. like use the body as a puppet…or so force?


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Yes you can use demons to possess weapons this way. No i do not suggest it. I have one with my astral body and its an utter nightmare. He’s always in my mind and tries to fight for my body sometimes since he’s fully chained down to me and his housing. File it away under “things not to fuck with”


There are swords made in Japan that were made to house spirits, people used to pay top dollar for them and only certain blacksmiths could create them.

Depends on whats inside the weapon. I’ve heard of enchanted sex toys that possess people.

Possess a weapon: sure.
Increase strength: marginally, you can increase strength in about the same way that testosterone and adrenaline do.
Increase skill: via invocation or long term training with the spirit.
Possess other people on contact: sure but it would be one time use until you repossessed the weapon.
Kill on contact: I’ve never had any luck with completely destroying souls and then using that as a vector to kill. I’m not sure it’s realistically possible, at least not on an immediate basis.

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Still are I believe. I’m a firm one of our own spirit possessing and activating tools. Perhaps these can attract spirits. I don’t just put the idea as familiarity with said tool as some tools just seems to put perform others of exact same make or close to it. I have a couple tools well 1 finally broke and that safe. They are a 80+ year old steel forged hoe head (modified into a hand tool) and a 30-40 year old weed whip. Sadly the weed whip finally shattered. I could cut brush with ease and it cut so well and clean. The new ones just suck.

The hoe still works fantastic and I cleave earth and pull out the roots of most weeds and vines/brush with ease.

Maybe it’s in my head. The he same with my old bike nearly 25 years old. I’d ride that single speed up some of the same hills the fancy cyclists on their multi-speeds were and I’d beat some of them (then again I like biking). It’s poor pedal crank shaft broke clean off when I was training uphill with 30 extra pounds in the baskets. Sad day again. My other bike a 7-speed… ugh! I call it squeaks.

I believe items can House self spirit and others.

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Thanks but i think i didnt ask the question corectly, can a entity take complete control…of the person…amd take away there will…not techanilly kill…but sort of restrain in the back of the mind…and take the body as its own…new coat😐

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Maybe. It’s a lot more likely at least. The mind isn’t really one thing, dealing with it to gain a specific outcome can involve a lot of variables. The most blunt effects are often the simplest, like driving someone insane by just wrecking as much havoc as possible.

Ooooh ok🤔 that makes sense

I’ve had some times I thought a migraine was coming on. Colors, and blanking out for seconds repeatedly. It’d be like walking closing your eyes while still walking and opening then again. Well, imagine that strobe like dark effect happening in milliseconds to seconds repeatedly for say an hour. And your head feels “off” and heavy and the lighting seems weird to brighter like the atmosphere is on fire. And your body temperature is through the roof and you feel a bit vertigo and naseaus from the spinning.

I’ve had that happen a few times but not lately. And it can happen at odd times. On a walking in the morning, mowing the lawn in the afternoon, digging midday… etc. usually outside.

The vertigo can pin you to the ground and it feels invasive. It can take a bit to swat it off.

Answer to all this question is - Y.E.S. There are instances where illness like cancer is transferred to a big tree from the patient. And the tree crumbles almost instantly . Or in alchemy give few drops of elixir to the spirit of any inanimate object and thus making the object indestructible.

This is similar to what happens when you have a ‘walk-in’. Only usually for walk-ins the original spirit leaves - they basically die, and a different spirits comes in instead, but it’s usually a voluntary thing on both sides, often associated with a very traumatic event involving critical status and surgery, people coming out of comas etc.

Its also what happens in dissociative personality disorder where multiple spirits (imo) inhabit one body, and sometimes the one’s that are not ‘front’ are locked away, not aware of life.

Another case seems to be what happens to those that let the Black Eyed Kids (BEKs) into their home - it’s said they lose their soul and die. There’s info that the BEKs are alien slaves of something else and are being forced to take the souls, very little is known about them, and they may be only creepypasta.

If by ‘snuff’ you mean destroy the persons spirit, some people think that’s not possible, I do in terms of converting the energy to another form - causing it to be reabsorbed into source or disintegrating it to raw energy. In this case, the mind and animal parts of the body will continue on running for a few months, getting sicker until it dies of illness or has an accident.

If by ‘snuff’ you mean forcibly eject the spirit, that is possible. Again unless you replace the navigator in the vessel, it will die.

can a entity take complete control…of the person…amd take away there will…

This implies a demon wants to essentially become a human and lead the human life. I don’t know why it would agree to that, but if you can find one that wants it, I don’t see why this isn’t theoretically possible. Also, keeping the original spirit down indefinitely could be tricky. There’s always the chance they could come to the front again.

Another scenario could be, say, to destrroy the 1st spirit, and instead of replacing them with a discarnate entity, find an already incarnated spirit who would have a reason to want a new body, maybe a dying person, or one trapped into a body with severe cerebral palsy for example - ASK first them if they’d like to be transferred, and move them into the vacated body. They will get the memories stored in the brain and will come to believe they are that person probably - depends - but the personality will change, and they’ll know how to be human and be motivated to live.


Thanks so solved it😀

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Going through your posts, found them really descriptive and informative. Appreciated.

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