Question on Astral and Soul travel method by C.Kendall

Quick question on this method @C.Kendall (i hope its aight to tag you brother) Provided.
Soul Travel, Astral Travel, OBE - Explanation, Discussion, Breakdown etc. - YouTube

Can i also visualize my energy body slightly expanding out of my physical body?, for some reason i can vividly feel it and just visualize it way better that way.

Thank you guys, in advance

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Yes that’s correct, each layer of subtle body is larger than the denser one inside it. :slight_smile:

You can also try the energy work technique of visualising yourself expanding to the size of the planet and larger to aid in breaking in the abundant energy of the cosmos. Give it a go! :smiley:


But will those still help with obe/soul travel/astral travel?

I doesn’t for me, but if that works for you go for it. I do things like, visualise where I want to go so I teleport out. I give myself instructions like “Go to the mirror”, “Look at my hands”, “Go to the kitchen”, “Eat something”.

Keep switching it up to stay focused, if you lose interest you’ll start daydreaming or go to sleep.

So, what does it feel like to actually soul travel?

For me, probably because I’m not that great at it and don’t have full lucididy, and I’m staying in the local astral so far, it feels normal but slightly numb. You don’t notice until afterwards the fuzzy details, and it seems normal to think about going somewhere, start walking but jump ahead. You’re leaving your room to go downstairs, and suddenly you’re halfway downstairs without having that continuity that you get in the physical… but otherwise it’s like you’re actually there.


Interesting. I look forward to doing it myself.

@Exil Yeah I agree with @Mulberry

I always say make it resonate with you, hell switch up a little roll out, sit up, step out, shoot out, expand out, descend, ascend, etc. Essentially try it using a wide variety of methods and finds whatever works best for you, none of this is set in stone afterall :slightly_smiling_face: