Question for those who have worked with Ant'harratu

The main function this spirit embodies, based on reviews I have read on here, seems to be “Destroy in order to create.”

What I want to know from those those who have worked with him is: is this his only “mask”, or has he come to you in a much more benevolent fashion?

Basically, can you harvest the spirits potential for creation without having your life come crashing down?

Yes. He is the Empire Builder. Destruction only happens if it’s necessary to build your empire.

It’s not been a feature of his work with me at all. I think he does this if you don’t really have your shit together, don’t have a clear direction or have a lot of garbage in your life holding you back. If you’re fucked up, he will unfuck you and it’s not always comfortable. Many people are attached to the people lifestyles holding them back.

If you are sovereign and in control, it’s empire building time. Expect promotions, opportunities, good decision making, having the right options come up at the right time, for people to trust you and give you chances.