(Question) "Editing/Altering" my own higher self and beyond, is it possible?

For some personal reasons, this is my ultimate goal. I want edit my higher self, and some other selves that I don’t quite fond of. This is surely against my higher will, and that’s a reason I want to do it, seriously. From my research, the term “higher self” has multiple definitions. Some see it as the higher consciousness that contains knowledge, some see it as a higher aspect of one’s soul, some see it as the future self that one can become, etc. No matter what it truly is, I want to edit/alter it. Having a higher commander that dictated my life path, designed my life lessons, and chose what I should become, is irritating. (It’s in fact more than irritating, but I don’t know that word…) The outcomes I want are…

-To re-design my god self, instead of accepting the self that my current self didn’t design. (So that I can proudly and willingly become it)
-To remove the restriction and limitation of “Who I am meant to be” and “What is meant to be mine”; to be able to be who I’m not meant to be, and what’s not meant to be mine.
-To remove past lives, the memories, and whatever that came with them. (This probably means losing some power, but it’s not permanently, right? I can still re-grow to be the person I want, with the power I can be proud of, in case I can design it.)
-To subdue the higher power that tries to push me back to the path they want.
-To be able to do the Soul Transmutation without the intervention from any other selves. (Thanks to Velenos. I’ve read multiple threads of him about the Soul Transmutation, and that’s also what I’m aiming to do.)
-To be able to make a contract with an entity, for my afterlife, (this is personal and I don’t want to go into details) without the intervention from any other selves.
-…I’m sure I forgot to list something

I don’t hate myself. In fact, I love myself, my current self, and because of that, I don’t want to become something that I didn’t design or couldn’t re-design. I hope you guys understand.

Some of you may say “your higher self is you”, I’m not arguing, and I appreciate the responses. Some of you may say that my higher self knows better than me, more intelligent than me. I’m not arguing at all, but still, it’s not the most intelligent being in the universe. The evidence is this thread. If it’s intelligent enough, I wouldn’t have had a plan to edit or act against it in the first place. Some of you may want to advise me not to do this, and I appreciate that, but after having 3 years researching about the related stuff, nothing can change my mind, and from what I learned, I think it’s possible to do. 1 month after I joined occult communities and multiple forums, this became the goal I always want to achieve. My apology for my stubbornness, but this decision is strong.

My true questions are, how can I achieve this goal? Who (demons/angels/deities) can be helpful?

Thank you for your responses! I appreciate all the insights. Many threads of this forum is really helpful, and I’m glad I found this forum.


There’s alot you can do, but removing past lives and memories ain’t one of them. You can alter alot, not sure if you mean transmutation alter or what specifically. However you can only do it if you believe YOU have the higher power to.

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Come to think of it I don’t like my Higher self thanks OP for helping me realize that.

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Wouldn’t removing past lives memories also remove the emotions he had in those past lives ultimately resulting in making himself Darker or Lighter

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That sounds like pretty basic soul evolution honestly. The more false-ego you have the harder it is to accomplish it though. Understand the role the ego plays and it might help you out a lot.
My explanation and current understanding:

Ego is a device for self-forgetfulness as well as a tool that provides incentive for the higher self/soul to evolve. The HS can’t always see what it needs to change in order to grow, but an ego can point it out and to a major extent actually is in control of how the soul evolves. Depending on your soul-kin/soul-race/etc and overall your personal soul the ego scan play different roles and have different applications so it’s something you’re going to have to find out yourself. You might not even have a soul; some things dont. Regardless, purify your ego and remove the falsehood from it. Truth-ego is the healthy, exploratory ego that serves to develop the soul. False ego doesnt give a shit about personal growth and just wants things that don’t benefit anyone.

This is why many people run into issues working with HSs, where the ego-human wants money just to be fuckin happy, but the HS doesnt care because it doesnt need to learn about it. Or perhaps, doesnt think it needs to learn about it. The opposite can happen too, where the HS will put the human-ego through situations the HS wants to experience but the human-ego doesnt want to or care because of xyz reason.

Ego is a really awesome thing and it exists for a reason. My advice is to go all out introspective mode and figure out exactly why you have these desires, where they come from, and most importantly, figure out the exact mechanics of how your ego and soul interact.

You may not care to change it after that but that’s not even the point. I’m just saying that in order to actually edit and evolve your soul you need to understand the relationship and mechanics between lowerself and HigherSelf.

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Sure but what types of emotions are those? If they are negative, face them - work through them.

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Eh if I ever face those emotions then I have a few places in mind


In a nutshell, If your higher self allows it yes. The simplest way is to evoke it as if it was any other entity and ask it. It will know what your reasons are, because is IS you, you just forgot. You have to agree with yourself, basically.

All in all, your higher self isn’t your enemy, it’s YOU and you made these decisions for YOUR incarnation for reasons. Maybe talk to yourself and out what YOU were trying to do before getting too judgmental about it.

-To re-design my god self, instead of accepting the self that my current self didn’t design. (So that I can proudly and willingly become it)

But you as your current self DID design it. You ARE your higher self, unless, you are saying you are a kind of thoughtform aspect of your higher self, which happens - in either case, it’s got the reins, so you have to, ask it.

-To remove the restriction and limitation of “Who I am meant to be” and “What is meant to be mine”; to be able to be who I’m not meant to be, and what’s not meant to be mine.

I don’t think destiny is a thing, so this is already in your own hands. If destiny is a thing, neither of you can change it. Either way, I think you’re asking the wrong entity.

-To remove past lives, the memories, and whatever that came with them. (This probably means losing some power, but it’s not permanently, right? I can still re-grow to be the person I want, with the power I can be proud of, in case I can design it.)

It’s not in it’s power to do that. You can forget about them, but they are in the Akashic records. If you change them, the facts of what they were, and that you changed them and what they are are all in the records, everything is always in the records.
What you want is to change how you react to them, this is under your control, and you can ask your higher self for help.

-To subdue the higher power that tries to push me back to the path they want.

You already made these decisions yourself, you can change them now yourself. The ball is rolling in a direction but put enough work in and you can shove it onto a new path. This is why destiny isn’t a thing, there’s only consequences of past decisions, and you have to deal with them as best you can with what tools you have. Again ask for help and you’ll get it.

-To be able to make a contract with an entity, for my afterlife, (this is personal and I don’t want to go into details) without the intervention from any other selves.

You can do this already, ask the entity is it wants to and ask your higher self and also any protective guides you may have if they will intervene, and ask them not to. I don’t promise they’ll say yes, but it’s the first step.

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So there are a smorgaborg of assumptions here and the way it reads a general misunderstanding of where the concept of “higher self” come from.

1st the concept to my knowledge is primarily a daoist one relating to the spiritual self where as the “lower” self has more to do with the instinctual and emotional aspects of self. I recommend researching it cause alot of what i hear when people bring up the concept is a bastardized warped version that has been through a monotheistic new agey meat grinder similar to how alot of western society thinks karma is some kind of cosmic judge that has to be out done or out smarted or bribed ect.

You are you higher, lower and middle self at all times you are just not generally consciously AWARE OF IT. This is in part alot of what spiritual work is for.

To become aware of and work in concert with the aspects of self to improve life in general. Least in my experience this has been the case.

When these 3 are out of sync or at odd then you get mountains of resistance of your own unknowing making.


Personally I dont think its outside of possibility. Things decay out of the Akashic Records under certain circumstances, and things can be deleted. The only problem is, it’s a stupid idea given the goal. Removing the memory of past lives and experiences you dont like so what, you can grow to be a different person? Why not just grow into a better version of yourself with the memories still there? If you remove them it’s highly likely you’d make all of the same mistakes, you’d lose a lot of knowledge, etc etc. Youd be starting from scratch when you absolutely dont have to.

Whoops I didnt mean to reply this on Maulbeeries post.

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I just don’t agree and I’ve said this before, if you think about it, the Akashic records store everything, out of time. So you can, at any point go back to a spot in time to read anything, about everything, anywhen.

You can go back to the records as they were yesterday, or before time began, or after it ends. You can see all the entries, all the changes, including decay, rewrites, including what was deleted.

They’re more like an audit record, that contains not just the record, but the info on who, how and when it was created, edited or deleted. (If you know how database auditing works, that might be helpful otherwise don’t worry about it :slight_smile: )

Erm, I’m not sure it matters here - they’re not the tool you want to use. The ARs are not you anyway, they’re just the “photos” of what you’ve been up to. All they are is a symbolic way of saying ‘shit happened and it happened’. The whole multiverse IS the records, using the idea of a library is just a mental device, and like all analogies you can’t push it too far or be too literal about it.

What you seem to want, is a massive sea change in direction of the energies around you, what you attract and what you repel. You you’re right, the best way to do this is to change yourself.

The chances are, you have a lot you can do right now rather than blame serendipity.

If you want something drastic, do something drastic. Get in the car with a bug out bag and your wallet and drive to another town and never go back, delete your social media and create all new for your new life. Apply for different jobs. Sign up as a foreign student in Ireland. Go backpacking about Indonesia.
Join a monastery. Write a business plan and apply for a small business loan to start your own firm. Switch it up. Always in a direction that excites you. The energy will follow.


Thank you for the insight!

My pleasure!

This is a problem. What I mean is, something that has higher power will tell you “THIS DOESN’T SERVE YOU! GET RID OF IT!” and I have no right to fight it… Well, I mean, yes something probably doesn’t serve me (or anyone), but is this the only way to evolution/success? Instead of getting rid of that toxic thing, why can’t I just change the toxic thing to be more beneficial? Instead of throwing away a trash, why don’t we recycle it? From what I read in this forum (and other forums) the higher power (sorry, I can’t think of any better word) seems to always force us to “throw away” something and push us to “what they think” is best. IMO it’s too …limited. My current self should be the one who define what is good and what is bad… Evolution has many ways to it, right? My opinion may sound absurd for many people, tbh.

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To answer to the quotes above, I’m already aware of that, my higher self is me. It just… doesn’t like the idea of “always follow your higher self!” kind of thing. I know it’s for the highest good, but sometimes I just want “high-enough good” or “above-average good”…not really. In fact, I want the highest good, but it should be the highest good that “I can re-design or change it now or anytime I want”. (Yes, I know it may take effort, but that’s not a problem.) This thread was made because I see the possibility that my higher self will act against something that I want to change, and if I still insist to go on, I’d like to know how I can subdue the higher power in case they intervene. (The more I say, the more absurd it sounds for some people, my apology.)

Not a different person in that sense… I just want to remove past lives just to… amplify(?) the current-life self, if that makes sense. Recalling the past lives will make my into a different person, influenced by the past-life selves. Ok, I know that my current self, at birth, has already been influenced by past lives, but recalling it would just make the influence stronger, so I want to remove it. Does that makes sense? Also, I don’t want to remove my current-life memories. And…

This is why I want to keep my current-life memory. Also, and I mentioned my plan of contracting entities for my afterlife. I don’t want to go into the details of what contract I’d form, but it’s also for this whole plan. (My apology for the absurdity, if any.)

Personally I don’t believe one can alter their higher self mainly because a higher self some people share their higher self with others as in they are but fragments of a “higher” entity. So I find it highly unlikely for a person to alter something they themselves do not have full control on altering.

This is why I don’t believe everyone has a higher self which I find to be different from ‘true self’ while higher self is the greater of your being it can also be the greater of someone else’s being, while true self is your soul self and either you have a higher self or you don’t… if you do best to communicate with it and see if you’re it’s only fragment first, and the fact people believe they have to ask their higher self for permission to do things to me shows to some degree it is its own being and you are just an extension of it.

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I’ve read multiple comments of yours in other threads about “cutting and giving a piece of your soul to a servitor”. in this theory, do you think it’s possible to split/cut ourselves from our higher entity, to turn the fragment into a separate being?

I also found some sites that say the same.

Hey, this is an excellent point. I didn’t think about this logic before. Thank you!

So far in this thread, to everyone, thank you for the insights. I really appreciate your comments. I still want more insights in this topic, so if you have anything to share, please do so. You guys are really helpful, thank you.

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I believe one can cut themselves free of their higher self and become fully independent. I never had a higher self, but some of my friends do and are connected to their higher selves still.

So theoretically cutting yourself free from your higher self and gaining full independence is pretty much that. You are a separate being in this moment however some return to the bulk of their higher self while others break off and become their own true self.

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In my experience, even animals have an HS, and our lives here on earth, our world’s history and probably it’s purpose, are things very different to what even folks on here tend to believe. :man_shrugging:


May you clarify this please?

Most of my understandings about the entire concept come from what i have learned from norse, vedic and daoist connections so this entire exercise reads like an attempt to put your liver and kidneys in a head lock cause you don’t agree with how your unconscious has them operating as a result of consciousness actions taken. Just don’t see the point.

Would be the same as if instead of odin sacrificing himself to himself on the world tree and obtaining the runes he tried to hack down the tree and dig up the roots. Least that is the parallel my brain gets reading this.

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Huh? A separate being? if I have a higher self I’m not an independent being?

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