Question about vampiric process

Once the vampiric process has been started, does it “stop”? I don’t wish to go into too personal details, but sometime this summer I began to notice changes within my energetic make-up and began to have real and sudden cravings for cow’s blood and raw beef specifically. I also “felt” different and my energy became thicker and darkened. I honestly became frightened by these changes because they were so pronounced that I petitioned a demon to remove these vampiric energies from my body. The next day, it appeared that these energies were removed. However as I began to come across readings about vampirism recently this week, my understanding has improved and I’m interested in managing these parts of myself more effectively. Does the process “start over” or has it just halted or were the changes reversed…? I hope I’m making sense.

Hmm…I’m confused.

In your introduction less than half an hour ago, you said this about your magical experience:

But now you’re claiming to be a vampire, and summoning demons? :thinking:

Hey, I’m sorry about the confusion that has me a little embarrassed honestly. I’m not claiming to be a vampire of any sort and I’ve engaged in spell casting and communicating with demonic entities yes but nothing of great experience so I’m hesitant to say that “yes I have conducted engagements with demons”. I mostly stick to reading and studying because before I did the appropriate reading things were not very traditional.

I was asking a genuine question, forgive me for any misunderstanding.