Question about the Karma of the Rituals

Hi! I would like to learn the bad side of the rituals that makes with paper & numbers and pen. and I have a few question, Thank you in advance for helping.

  1. What is the karma of the rituals that makes with paper & numbers and pen?
  2. What is the bad side of the tie-off magic that makes with 2 candle and 1 rope?
  3. How can I save myself form the karma of these rituals…

If you believe in karma as an inherent force of life then you’re ceding power unconsciously. Repercussions are always on a case by case basis and many times there are none.
Sometimes the “bad guys” win. Life is messy.
Your operation may not even go against any form of morality either and it shouldn’t be seen that a use of magic is inherently bad lest you diminish any base of power you may have.


karma is cause and effect. it is not a log book that will record your name. every action has an equal and opposite reaction. you may be the action, or the reaction.


As Onion said, there’s no real karma there’s the flow of energy. The karma you’re scared of is not that, it’s a mind control technique implanted into your subconscious by people who like having control of other people through religion. This is a trap and fake, and needs to be worked out of your system therapeutically or you can and will sabotage your own magick and either it won’t work through guilt, or you will attack yourself without knowing it.


Thank you for giving this answer, it’s a new topic that I have to read & search more

Thank you to give me an answer, I got it now

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