Question about the Karma of the Rituals

Hi! I would like to learn the bad side of the rituals that makes with paper & numbers and pen. and I have a few question, Thank you in advance for helping.

  1. What is the karma of the rituals that makes with paper & numbers and pen?
  2. What is the bad side of the tie-off magic that makes with 2 candle and 1 rope?
  3. How can I save myself form the karma of these rituals…

If you believe in karma as an inherent force of life then you’re ceding power unconsciously. Repercussions are always on a case by case basis and many times there are none.
Sometimes the “bad guys” win. Life is messy.
Your operation may not even go against any form of morality either and it shouldn’t be seen that a use of magic is inherently bad lest you diminish any base of power you may have.


karma is cause and effect. it is not a log book that will record your name. every action has an equal and opposite reaction. you may be the action, or the reaction.


As Onion said, there’s no real karma there’s the flow of energy. The karma you’re scared of is not that, it’s a mind control technique implanted into your subconscious by people who like having control of other people through religion. This is a trap and fake, and needs to be worked out of your system therapeutically or you can and will sabotage your own magick and either it won’t work through guilt, or you will attack yourself without knowing it.


Thank you for giving this answer, it’s a new topic that I have to read & search more

Thank you to give me an answer, I got it now

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If you were to choose a target and successful kill them would there be karma? I’m a beginner but I’m just looking to know for the future

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Karma is not real

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There may be consequences, from the people you affected, whether you want to call that karma is up to you.

I don’t mean in the physical, I mean their spirits will know what you did. What if, you were only fulfilling a contract, what if this is the final play out of “karma” they started in another life, what if you just started a new spiritual feud?

You don’t know, and unless you can divine it, you won’t know, so it’s not easy to slap a yes or no on it, because life is more complicated than that. Duality is bullshit and context matters.


Karma exists. We all live according to our karma but the word “karma”itself has been deprived of its substance.

Your overall physical and physiological appearance are just the result of your parents DNA and their parents etc… They’re a certains traits you get only because of being born in a particular lineage, region, even races. It could be intelligence, morphology, beauty, disease, even the resistance of your body to certain illness is due to the recorded data

Karma does not mean that your actions are being punished by a God. It means that your actions through habits are recorded into your DNA and will be passed through your descendants. Whether it’s a physical action or psychological ones, bad actions or good actions.

I always ask myself when doing magick: if my child or grandchild is practicing a spell to kill someone. Would this make me happy or proud of him? For me it’s no.

Why do I ask that to myself ? Because everything you do is encoded in your DNA and your descendants will also have that attraction to the particular magick you were doing because it will be instilled in them.

Even in the Bible, kings had their lineage from where they came from; the prophets had theirs too etc…

Hence Royal families back in the days forbade mixed marriage to avoid weakening their DNA through the mix of blood.

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This is factually untrue, new age nonsense. What source in any way makes you think physical activity (like, going to the grocery store and being mean/nice to the cashier, say)changes your DNA? It doesn’t. And working out with help your epigenome get better but not affect your “karma”.

Your environment will change your epigenome, but not your core DNA (damage notwithstanding). This is the currently accepted state of epigenetic science. Ref: Andrew Huberman’s yt podcast on medical research.

Edit to note: All opinions stated as fact are sill just the opinions of the authors :slight_smile:


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