Dark Staot?

I keep reading the pages which cover dark Staot in BMoA over and over but I don’t understand it well…

Can anybody explain dark staot for me ? and how to practice it ?

Is it simily speaking your intention ?


Anything ?

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Hi, have you seen this thread?


Yes I have searched the forum for answers but I still don’t understand dark staot

Trust me I’d be more comfortable searching the forum rather than asking because no one answers your questions here !

So with that being said I have already searched the forum AND read the book too like I mentioned above


I’m probably not the most qualified to answer this as my copy of the book hasn’t arrived yet, but from reading that thread I conclude that ‘dark stoat’ is the language in which the incantations are coming through.
Sorry, I thought it would help :wink:


Ok thank you :blush:

but once you got the book can you explain it a bit more in depth for me ? I keep reading those pages over and over but I can’t understand this thing


I could. In the mean time maybe someone with some experience wants to jump in?
:metal: I will reply to you though.


Created the topic 12 hours ago if you notice so if anyone was going to answer they would have :joy:


Anyone else got any advice ?

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Place your hands over what the Dark Staot conceptual word and channel something.

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That’s a good idea thanks

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Page 62
Dark staot is a sorcerous language used to speak your will into existence and this is its only purpose.

Zarathustrian Staot = Language
Dark Staot = Language spoken backwards/in reverse

Though the language is more sounds than words that create an effect.
This dark Staot you seek is the litanies.

Vibrate them to the best of your ability.

In a way you are that language. Though you don’t remember, with repetition of the litanies you become that language. You have that knowledge, and that language can shift reality.


Thank you @SHaDoWSToRM696

I tried what @Morgana9 suggested and received the answer from one of the Divs but what you said added to the knowledge so thank you :slightly_smiling_face: