Question about Projection and Sleep:

So I’ve heard that we “project” in our sleep and don’t remember it most of the time. What I’m wondering is, well one I know “dreams” most of the time ARE NOT projection. If anything - inner projection would be closer for dreams.

So then do we really project in our sleep, where does this claim come from? Is there anything to back this up?

It comes from anecdotes, about things like, someone dreaming they go to a place and see something happen, then get a phone call the next day telling them about it.

It’s basically remote viewing or astral travel in your sleep.


Oh wow. So that’s a thing.

Yeah, the government declassified it’s use of Controlled Remote Viewers (CRV) in 1995.

Check out the work of Lyn Buchanan - he was the trainer - wrote some training books and you can get training classes out in the public now. I’m looking into it because I think it will improve my ritual experiences. I like the focus on accuracy and practice you can verify easily.

(Title is a bit blickbaity, the actual basic exercises are in his book on Amazon)

Anyway, in my mind this is very similar or the same as astral projection, only as far as I can tell you’re not trying to build up or take an astral body with you. But there are reports of Remove Viewers being seen by other sensitives at the target site, so perhaps there’s more on this in the advanced lessons.

I reckon it would be easy to do it in sleep. Especially if you did it a lot in the day.


Robert Bruce indicates we dream, while we project, and it’s a matter of training the subconscious to remember both. He naturally words it better in his book Astral Dynamics. He also talks about remote viewing, and his experience with it, is similar to my own, as far as how to induce it.

As far as remote viewing goes, there’s a book from one of the governments top trained in that- it’s called Remote Viewing Secrets. He explains why most methods of training for it you find online, are not so great. Granted he’s pretty big on ethics, but still does remote viewing for a living, at least as far as when the book was published he did.

There is a certain exercise to practice magic in vision that, allegedly, eventually gives you the skill of remote viewing. As far as I know, it doesn’t have any specific name, but consist in imagining doing stuff in the same room you’re and then going to other rooms, the street, other buildings, the trick is that you have to imagine it step by step.

Eh, maybe for those who can visualize :stuck_out_tongue: Soul travel isn’t so different either, but it also hinges on being able to visualize as far as when it’s actually described and talked about.

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Oh, well, yes. That’s how the exercise goes.

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Indeed, but its not necessary to visualize to learn the skills. That’s just the easiest way for most of yous.

That’s why I recommended the Secrets of Remote Viewing, because you have no idea what the target area looks like, before you do it.

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I don’t know much about it.

I’m just doing my exercises as part of the whole thing, not because I aim at remote viewing (and because Hermes was pretty clear that I should)

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Have you heard of the training course by Gerald O’Donnell on astral projection and remote viewing? He was involved in that government program and he released a series of audio meditations, the first one is or was free.

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I hadn’t, thanks for the name, I’ll check that out!

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Be careful with his program (ARVARI) as he puts limits on how it can be used, installs suggestions to cut you off from the skills if you use them immorally (based on his definition of morality) and is heavily influenced by religion.

I used to use his methods before learning Soul Traveling myself through EA’s course and other means. O’Donnel’s methods are far weaker.


Ok that’s good to know, thanks :blush:

I would say though, that his Arvari website is a mine of information on the possibilities and explanations on the background and how it works but I take your point of course :blush:

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