Question about offerings to Apollo

Hey all, so I have decided that I want to start working with Apollo in my music hobby, the thing is, I was wondering if I could use art generated from my original prompts in Stable Diffusion as an offering, like, for example, an image of a sun with a lyre outlined against a bright yellow sun in the background. Seeing how he is also a God of Creativity and Music, I figured he might like art.

So would he appreciate the ai art if I made it from scratch using my own prompts>

The offering is in the energy, So I think if you keep the entity in mind while working on it, maybe put it’s vessel/idol/picture on your desk as you work or something, you can feed it that energy as you generate it.

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Maybe for the concept of the art. Ideally he’d probably prefer if you tried to replicate the concept yourself. Like imagine the time and energy it takes to learn how trace and copy that concept design in practice sketches then do the offering piece itself.

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