Question about music

Do you use music during your rituals. If so, do different genres, songs, and artists cause different effects?

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Sometimes I did. Perhaps a music intended as (for example) earthly, solar or demonic actually produces the same vibrations in the environment and a corresponding shift in the magician’s mind.

Yes, but music is like dreams, being art it’s highly personal and symbolic, and what it means to ne person and the effect it has, different with not just person but the circumstances and mood you’re in.

We have some ritual music thread so you can see what people listen to, personally I usually only listen to shamanic drumming to enhance the trance state, sometimes I drum for myself.

Sometimes, rarely, I listen to a very specific piece of music to add the right oomph o a working, like I posted about here:

or this one:

which is actually an adaptation suggestion for this: