Question about Koetting's Ritual for hire

Hello everyone!

I hope this message finds you well.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel confident enough in my magickal abilities to get the result I’m after right now. I just can’t seem to gather enough focus and energy to perform it with confidence, as I am so easily distracted. But of course I’m trying to remedy this, I’m very grateful to have found this forum and whole website.

Well, until then I’m thinking about hiring E A Koetting to perform a ritual for me but looking in the description page of his “Ritual for hire” I couldn’t find a direct reference to a love spell been available. It mentions “Transform your crush into your sex pet” which is more of a lust kind of thing but it mentions “Get your ex-lover back into a relationship” which is more love related but not exactly my case. Do you guys know if his ritual is more customizable, like I want my crush to feel overwhelming love and lust for me, is this an option for the ritual?

The contact/help page are only meant for Technical issues and I know he has a “personal consultation” service also but I saw that it was only through voice and I don’t think I’ll be able to speak English that well to make the most of it.

Any advice/ideas are welcome!


Why don’t you ask the help desk go back to the. Main webpage (not the forum) scroll down and go to contact. They might be able to answer (or not) but it might be worth a try.

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Thanks for the reply @Kish. I tried just that but it directs the request to the Help Desk which deals only with billing and technical questions using the website.

So I still don’t know. It’s lot of money to invest to be uncertain if can be accepted.


Well maybe someone else will answer you if not reply bump to yourself tomorrow (if no one replies after that then probably no one knows the answer you are looking for).

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I know that @C.Kendall does custom rituals. I’ve purchased two myself. I’d suggest you message him here or on his Facebook page.


Thanks @Kish and @SilentSeeker for the help !

If anyone still knows the answer to this…

By the way, how can I send a direct message to @C.Kendall in this forum? Just tagging him like that? I couldn’t see a direct message button or something like that on his profile page.

Since he was tagged in this thread more than likely he’ll respond. You aren’t able to send PMs yet since you have a new account, but you can always ask him to PM you once he responds to this thread.

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Yes, that is probably the reason why I can’t PM him directly.

I’ll wait for his reply here then.



I was summoned and here I am :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve sent you a message @darkogre I await you’re response


Thank you @C.Kendall ! I just sent my response.

I tried to reach @C.Kendall via facebook but only got one response. I need a ritual for hire like asap if possible!

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Hello @maybemarian !

I exchanged some messages with him on Sunday and I hired him for a ritual. Now I’m waiting for the follow-up. I guess he’s very busy but he’ll eventually get in touch with you.

Good luck for you!


If you have the PM option enable you can directly PM him @C.Kendall


Just a heads up guys he hasn’t been for at least 12 hours accounting to the forum, so I would assume the same for other social media. He is human after all with human needs and wants and a family to care for. Just as you would wish to live your lives and work please be respectful of him having time to sleep and time for his personal stuff. I have hired him a few times and he has always come through for me but I also know he is human just as I am.


Exactly @Angelb1083 !

We have to be patient and give him the time he needs.


I have noticed you didn’t do the introduction that is required.

@moderators have more information on that.

Sure thing I tried to contact him a few weeks ago I probably should have prefaced what I said by stating that. So it had been awhile.

It’s done.

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Try contacting him here or if he sees the tag @C.Kendall he can message you. It’s very possible his in box is so busy your message on Facebook got buried. Maybe send a message to bump it back up for him. I’ve had to bump Facebook messages with my clients because they didn’t seem them and they got lost in messenger. No harm in a little bump message.