Question about ishtar

hii, the past monday i decide to meditate using a chat for ishtar, but after 2 hours i start feeling itchy and with a warm sensation like fever, also i couldnt stand longer cuz i start feeling horny, and then i couldnt sleep for the overwhelming sensation after meditate using that chant, i wanna know how deal with that sensation to be prepare the next time that i want to meditate, also the tuesday night while i closed my esys to sleep, i could see like a female silluette that was wearing long boots, thats like a bonus of monday. im glad of any awnser that can help me so i can be rready to meditate to ishtar. thanks

That chat sounds like it could be heavily parasitised and I would say don’t use it for a while, use other means to contact Ishtar for comparison. When you’ve built up more information you’ll be able to make a conclusion that works for you.

I would try an evocation and ask Ishtar directly if she’s present in the app and if that had anything to do with her. If you search “tutorial evocation” there’s a few versions to choose form on here. :slight_smile:

Some more info and tutorials on that here:
It’s worth banishing and cleansing, and also grounding properly when you can’t sleep after a working. It’s important to take care of your spiritual hygiene, and know where your baseline is, it makes it easier to see when you’re being interfered with compared to when you invite energy in.


thanks for helping me, all that information can help me to prepare and avoid all those problems. thank you. :smiley: