Question about incubus

So i talked with my incubus like i asked him questions and he would either make my right hand which meant yes cold or my left hand which meant no and he said things like he loves me and he is married to me and that he wont leave me and that he wont come in my dream and last night I could feel him touch my thigh or my right hand and then nothing and i couldn’t sleep for 2 hours and then everything was fine . In the morning i asked if he was still here and he said yes but as i moved to my other room nothing has happened and it’s making me worried cause when we talk or when we dont talk i can feel the ticklish feeling no matter what and now no it might be because he doesn’t have anymore energy but I’m just worried i also have some questions like

How do i know his name?
How do i ask for his name if i have never heard him just felt him ?
How do i communicate with him ?
I searched how to open my chakra and found something on wikihow and i don’t know if its true
Also can they leave for some time and then come back?


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The name part is a good question and might be difficult. Personally I never knew the name of mine. I guess you could do a ouija board or something where he can spell it out. You could ask him to let you picture what to call him. Even then he might just give you a nick name tbh. They have free will, they come and go as they wish. You could meditate as you think of him.


Ah sorry

The thing is when he leaves it’s usually like for an hour and i wrote some letters on my fingers and asked him to make cold the finger with the letter his name starts but I’m not sure .

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The tingling sensation can remain even if it doesn’t touch you (due to bioelectricity). At the beginning it is very important to unlock telepathy, in order to communicate with him. I advise you to use the search tool on balg, you will find a lot of useful information!


Alright thank you i wanted to do something like that when i woke up but the first thing i saw was that my best friend texted me saying we can’t be friends anymore because of a supposed demon that is following her but really i think it’s only because my incubus and on one side I’m really sad and the other I’m really hurt that she would do something like that :slight_smile: but later i will try it out

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He’ll give you his real name if he trusts you and feels comfortable, that can take a long time… :thinking: so just talking about it is enough, but as with all relationships, it can take time and be different from the other incubus (or succubus) that people have with them, so even if we try to help you, it may not be the same for you, just take this as advice, not as solutions.
You can’t really know his name in any other way, he’ll tell you when he gonna wanted to do it, personally my succubus probably gave me a false name by which I call her… maybe the real names of these spirits are too hard to pronounce or understand, so don’t be in too much of a hurry.

There is plenty of way to communicate with spirits, however incubi and succubae generally prefer to “talk” through touch, this can be akin to hot flashes or painless electric shocks at best. Otherwise it will be caresses in most cases, after I tell you about my experience, it may be different for other people of course.

And yes, they can leave, come back, etc., but they usually always stay with you in one way or another. This happens even more if the spirit you live with is more or less high up in the hierarchy… then I know that some people don’t believe in this demonic hierarchy, but I think it exists, but according to my “research” some succubae or incubi are not part of this hierarchy.

That all, i guess :thinking:


Thank you well i talked with him today and told him i think most of my life i don’t know if he was there to hear me or not but a part of me felt he was there even if he didn’t talk though i think i am hurrying him so after i talked today i told him he can tell me when he wants or anything like that because we only talk when i either ask questions and he makes my right hand (yes) or my left hand (no) cold or through touches on my back and today i talked the most with him but i have a question does opening my chakras help with hearing him or seeing him ?

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I did try telepathy for the first time today with my best friend that is miles away from me and it actually worked from the first shape and colour 2 or 3 were wrong which one or two were from me and the other or others from her because she never done it either

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I’m late to the party lol ok communication is easy if and only if you k ow how and there are many ways to do so I actually think the way you did it was clevor I never thought about doing it that way…

1 candle… Ask yes no questions if it moves yes if not no

2 yes no pendallum same concept…

3 telepathy which is harder for some when senses aren’t open.

4 auto writing/scribing…blind fold your self in a relaxed state and allow him to take hold of your hand to write what he wants to tell you it’s a awesome way to communicate honestly

5 this one is the longest…grab a note book a pendallum and him sit down together …
Write letters numbers in the notebook… Ask your question then say letters out loud (Yu can use your way in this if you have no pendallum) it’s the longest way cause you will have to unscramble words… Took me three hours just to get a few sentences last time I used this way…

These are the methods I have used so I hope this helps you

Just ask all your questions and he should be able to answer you fully


Thank you so much

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No problem

Hi there! Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I have an incubus as well. I need to update my post about him since a lot has happened since he and I have been getting to know each other. He has become so important to me that I can’t imagine my life without him in it.

In my experience, my incubus sort of “nudged” me to pull out my pendulum and also buy a certain deck of oracle cards… not just any deck mind you. The one I ended up buying had very special meaning that I didn’t know about until later on, so I know he was the one who helped me make that decision. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The pendulum and the oracle cards have been the BEST way to communicate with him when I need solid answers about things. When I need clarification on a yes/no answer… I ask him using my oracle cards and they are spot on every time. It is also during these long talks of ours that I feel his presence very heavily and he often plays with the candle lights and I feel huge heat flashes throughout my body when he is answering certain questions or when I am meditating and thinking about him.

If I were you I would try using a pendulum or oracle cards or both, or any of the other suggestions here. I know it can be hard when you aren’t 100% they are there or just wish you had a more solid way of communicating. :slight_smile:

Believe me though, your incubus knows everything about you and understands. They want your love and time spent with them I think most of all.

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anyone know the limit to how long my lover can stay away from me (Incubus) or just guess lol .cuz i so miss him , i nearly had a broken hart yesterday over him :broken_heart: its literally been about a mouth now ? and im not known to be a very patient person …saddly

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I’m not sure but I think I’ve read here on the forum that sometimes they can be away for a little while. I don’t blame you for missing yours and feeling upset. I would be the same way if mine left for a time. I am sure yours will be back soon.

How do you normally communicate with him? Have you tried reaching out to him?

You have to remember that time doesn’t exist the same way as it does here on earth. 5 days could be 5 seconds to them. To them , they may have never left…generally spirits don’t remain earth bound.

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