Question about evoking Sallos

I have a question. I have losing my gf. She is my ex now. We never had a fight she said i was her dream boy i was her love. She loves me a lot she care about me. But she diddnt feel love.

I want to summon sallos ( and i try it in different ways but than i feel a conection and tos a coint head or tale. Maybe of was luck or maybe not but the coint told me to let her fall in love with me. So now thinks got worse she deleted me on sociale media when i did nothing wrong. I only post a picture of my self that i lose weight.

I want to summon sallos but i want to do it right. Can is speak in my own language? And what must i say to summon him. Do i need to draw his sigil? Or can i print one from the internet? Do i also need a pentagram. And hoe many candels. I listing his chant all day the medidate one. Sarena alora sallos akan.

So can jou help me with. How many candels what i must say what i must do to summon him wich time i need to do this and so go one. And i and as sacerifice a beer of Heineken And can i use a sigil printed from the internet or do i need to draw it

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You can speak your own language, and try this method: