Question about astral manifestation

i learned recently that anything felt or imagined strongly enough astrally will manifest physically, i was wondering is there any books/systems that expand on this idea? i was also wondering are there practices that help solidify the things u want to manifest in your life?

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E. A. Koetting’s “The book of Azazel”. There is, I believe towards the end, the Devil Stone ritual.
EA thinks it is the culmination of evocation: a process of omnipotence, from calling spirits to creating objects. The name is inspired to the alchemical concept of philosopher stone; it isn’t called “God Stone”, because only the devil would be bold enough to believe himself God.
Basically the working consists of directly summoning an object or a situation, which would materialize through the incense smoke; eventually it disappears, but only to return real and tangible in the magician’s life.

Putting physical manifestation aside for a minute, if you mean, simply visualising the change in your reality so that it manifests, e.g., someone changing their mind or a promotion coming through, then yes this is the basis of much magickal practice.

You will find this same idea in things like the law of assumption, the law of attraction, in low magick and ceremonial. Which method you choose is up to you.

What are you trying to manifest exactly? People can recommend for you popular techniques that worked for them the most.

I’m trying to manifest a general sense of vitality and harmony as far as my bodies health is concerned, i’m also trying to attain more skills as i’m aware that the subconscious already knows how to do any and everything. It’s the conscious part of our being that self sabotages so I’m actively trying to reprogram my habits for success.

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I would recommend “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy, and “The Feeling is The Secret” by Neville Goddard. They both expand on this system (law of assumption/law of belief) and give some techniques for how it can be done.


thank u for the recommendations, i’ve actually been reading “the power of the subconscious mind” and was wondering about the effectiveness of these techniques. how quick have you seen results? for things like thinking affirming thoughts before sleeping/after waking or just in general with thinking more positive thoughts. how does this change of thought reflect in the astral and physical?

I never really used Murphy’s techniques, so I can’t really answer that. I jived more with Goddard than Murphy, so I focused on Goddard. There is a learning curve, but after about 1.5 to 2 years I really no longer use techniques like SATS (self-hypnosis) or affirmations unless I am trying to change something that is really stubbornly ingrained in my subconscious. Nowadays I just decide/decree something, and then it happens. I won’t claim I’ve done anything miraculous like manifested $20,000 overnight (although I have a friend who did this exact thing, in about 4 to 6 weeks). The quickest turnaround time I have ever had with Goddard’s techniques was probably about 6 hours (for something significant), and maybe like 30 seconds to a minute (for something insignificant, like free food).


thank you for the advice & wisdom <3

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ok so i’ve started reading “the feeling is the secret” it’s great, not that long & it having similar concepts to other books i’ve read about the subconscious makes me feel i’m headed in the right direction. my question now is when goddard talks about “the wish fulfilled” is this a feeling that one generates with their own will? (like a clairsentience/ tactile feeling?) and if it is energy generated is it good to focus it in a specific part of the body? sorry for the many questions i just want to make sure i’m doing things correctly

I usually equate it with a feeling of certainty and/or gratitude. The same way you’d feel if you just bought a new book you really wanted (for example), you know it’s yours and you’re happy about it.

Also keep in mind, usually you will have to train your conscious mind to only think about the thing you’re trying to manifest in a positive way. As in, be aware of any negative thoughts and redirect them into positive affirmations.

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Interesting. How high would you find your success rate is?
I’ve always struggled with Goddard’s approaches. Mainly I feel because I have difficulty convincing myself that something has already happened when it hasn’t and because generating a positive emotion on command is a skill that has been lost to me for some time (although I am certain I will one day reclaim it)

Hmm. 3/4 or higher? I’ve never kept a manifestation journal as such, and usually once I get into a good state, small things I want just come to me without thought or effort.

Try checking out the /r/NevilleGoddard subreddit on reddit; particularly posts by OrionDirectorate or EdwardArtSupplyHands :slight_smile: good luck :four_leaf_clover:


thank you for the clarity

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