Question about a rum offering changing to...honey?

I always try to see if there’s a normal, or even scientific, reason for some of the effects I see from rituals. But this is a new one for me.

Last Saturday (new moon), I was working with the Ritual of Union, using both the angel and the corresponding demon. I left an offering of a bowl of sweet rum.

Today, four days later, I checked on the offering. Normally, alcohol evaporates, at least somewhat, but it’s always done it all together. Like there would be some rum left afterward that I would get rid of on the earth in the woods.

However, this time, there was no alcohol left whatsoever. There was just this sweet, honey flavored liquid. In the past, there would just be rum left, complete with some alcohol left in. But all the alcohol was “sucked” out this time, leaving on the (I assume) sugar water.

Has anyone else had this happen? I know alcohol evaporates, but usually not separately from the rest of the liquid. Any ideas?


Yes that’s normal, alcohol is extremely volatile, (which is why is catches fire easily) and all the alcohol would have evaporated within 12 hours, after 4 days most of the liquid would be gone and you’ve be left with the solids and maybe a bit of moisture. Depending on the brand of rum, there is always an amount of sugar in these drinks, as that’s how fermentation works, the yeasts turn the sugar to alcohol, but if they let the process complete you get a drink that’s kinda gross. Some brands have extra sugar added or flavour.

What you’re looking for in an offering,is the energy. Run your hand over if before and after and look for the astral essence of the offering to be gone. Failing that it’s a ‘the though that counts’ thing.


Thanks for this, and it makes sense. The thing that’s weird to me, though, is that this hasn’t happed with other rum offerings I’ve done. There’s always some alcohol left with the liquid. This is the first time the alcohol evaporated completely leaving the liquid behind.

But I’m going to agree with you on this one. Thanks.


Yes I work with rum and brandy regularly and I can say I’ve seen it happen for sure with rum…maybe brandy too I’m not certain.