Question about a lust evocation/spell

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the forum did and introduction and reading and learning a lot. Every night I meditate and watch videos and do reading.
Now I wonder one thing with lust spells or evocation. I see two reactions:

  1. It went just how I imagined it would be. But than…
  2. It went just how I imagined it would be.
  3. Don’t do it because the results can be the opposite that you want, if you ask the wrong question.

Let say I knew somebody a time ago and it went very bad in our relation. I don’t think without help it cannot be repaired. So I need the other person (she) to completely change her mind. And I would like if the normal (human to human) relation would be repaired and would become hot (lust). And for me a one night stand would be great and it’s enough. She lives not beside my door (a lot of cities further). If I would try this what would be the best thing to ask and have a positive result and get what I want.

How do I aks this question:

  1. I want her to get new interest in me and get sexual feelings? Without breaking her relationship and not hurting anyone in the proces.
  2. I want to have a one night stand with her and then go back to her normal life but not get regrets?

And which spirit would you ask?


Just an add-on. I know that I first want and need to learn to know the spirit I’m asking.
I’m even thinking of doing this in the future. First an initiation spirit and maybe aks his/hers opinion to. My goal is something different with evocations, but because of this situation I would like to hear your opinion. Or examples. Thanks!

Angels (zodiac) of Cancer or Scorpio perhaps for love and lust, Sagittarius or Aries for the go about your routine .
Goets …
Glasya Labolas

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Thank you Fuego!

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Hi Andre/Borgy,

Not a problem.
Angel of 61-65 degrees Libra - Yozalael - reconcile couples after a quarrel.
Angel of 101-105 degrees Scorpio - Nulakael - angel of desire, including sexual.
Angel of 111-115 degrees Scorpio - Melaheel - angel that brings opposing forces together.
Angel of 136-140 degrees Sagittarius - Shiaeheiah - angel of do your own thing.
Angel of 331-335 degrees Cancer - Aeyoeael - angel of love (and lust when unbalanced)

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I have these from Nick Farrell’s Shem Grimoire. If you know how to form the sigil from the rose, that is one way. I know no other way to get their sigils.

Thanks for the info. I’m going to dive into it @Fuego

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How did you go with this? Who did you use and any results?

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Hi @Shadowmage, well I’m still studying but at the time I evoked Sitri. And I did very nice ritual. But I think he couldn’t do it because of the past we had together (bond). I still have this on my agenda, but I had other really good result in money, health. So that’s important to. Any tips?

@Shadowmage I really believe he hopped by to say the job was not the right for him. So that gave a good feeling i’m on the right road.

I am going through this too. Advice would be: make sure you’re specific in what you ask. If English isn’t your first language don’t try to do it in English, use your first language as you will be clearer in what you ask. And when I say specific I mean down to the letter. About 2 months ago I evoked Sallos and Dantalion and asked their help getting my ex to talk to me. I had a face-palm moment :man_facepalming: before because I realised something. 2 weeks ago when I ran into her and asked if we could talk, she responded. She said I don’t want to talk to you. So now all the stuff I do from now on I have to specify that I want her to speak to me in a positive attitude about starting to talk again. Or something similar. I just asked for her to talk to me which is technically what I got.


I think that’s a problem indeed. I have that to, even in evocation. Write it down, but then I’m stating it and then I adjust while stating it and not so self assured.

@Shadowmage Hope you get back with her. I’m in a breakup now and it’s really shit when you care for someone a long time!

She went back to the guy who is the father of her son, still with him and I still love her. 4 years ago she called and said not to call her again. 2 and a half since I got a message saying she hates me. I know he told her stuff about me but she is bloody stubborn as well (I actually love that about her, just not in this case lol)

That’s difficult, I can imagine.

Any new updates? I will be honest. My workings for everything is working, minus lust. I so needing this back in my life . lol
Never have I tried High a Magick- so your discussion interests me. But it’s kind of like trying to read a new language. When coming from Hoodoo/Conjure studies to this.

Any suggestions where I should start!? Love to read- just need advice…everythingbfrom Evocation to Banishment
Thanks :slight_smile:

If you look for Koetting and Evocation you will find a youtube video.

The steps I’ve put here:

You have spirits who do love and lust. Have a look at this forum on Dantalion, Sitri or Lust.
Or there are spells like: come to me.

Here is a good lecture on lust spells (be careful what you wish for), with a lust spell if you’re sure:

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For me the evocation worked, the spirit was friendly, but couldn’t do it. Maybe because what happened to us years ago. But that’s fine. Maybe I will get another chance. Of course I would like this. But with this person it’s maybe not a good idea. Sometimes lust feels like against the will of somebody.


Do you think the results would have been the same if you went to Beleth or Amon?

Thank you. Good info! I will dive into this right away. :slight_smile:

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